Alpha Epsilon Phi Paddles & Plaques

View a large selection of the highest quality Greek Alpha Epsilon Phi plaques & paddles. Expect great pricing and friendly customer service on all custom wooden Alpha Epsilon Phi paddles & plaques. Shop now!

Paddles & Plaques

Here you’ll find our great selection of Alpha Epsilon Phi plaques and paddles! Products in this section make just the right gift for any occasion, especially as an initiation gift for your big or little sis to represent your special bond! We offer plenty of great options for you to choose from to simplify your shopping process.


Choose from any of our high-quality customizable paddles as a classic big-little gift, like our traditional Greek paddle for your AEPhi family, or a custom paddle for your pledge class to commemorate when you joined the sisterhood that lasts a lifetime! Our made-to-order paddles can be customized down to the wood finish and text, so let your inner artist design the perfect initiation gift! Any of our plaques and paddles make the perfect gift for that special sister that’s as unique as a lily of the valley!


Pair a custom paddle with any of our other Alpha Epsilon Phi merchandise options to create a perfect gift package! Our AEPhi stationery and jewelry make the perfect addition to any paddle or plaque to show your appreciation for the sister who will always have your back! “Above all else,” we want to help you find the right product, so please feel free to contact us if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, and we would be more than happy to help you! Customize and order today!