Alpha Omicron Pi Jewelry

Cherish your Alpha Omicron Pi memories forever with Greek U’s selection of Alpha Omicron Pi jewelry! Our huge array of stunning jewelry options makes for the perfect gift for any AOPi sister! Browse now!


Greek U is proud to offer the best selection of gorgeous Alpha Omicron Pi jewelry on the market today! Our stunning AOPi pieces are the very best way to cherish your Alpha Omicron Pi sisterhood forever. Any sister will love our great options for AOPi jewelry, no matter the occasion!


One of our most popular items is the Alpha Omicron Pi sterling silver lavalier! This classic piece, available in a number of finishes, is the best way for sisters to symbolize their lifelong commitment to the sisterhood that began in 1897. Order a lavalier for your little to pair with her new Alpha Omicron Pi sewn-on letter jacket to celebrate her initiation into AOPi!


Our Alpha Omicron Pi jewelry also makes the perfect gift for graduating sisters! Any AOPi grad will be sure to cherish any of our stunning jewelry pieces as she walks the stage in her Alpha Omicron Pi graduation stole! With so many great options for Alpha Omicron Pi jewelry, we know you’ll have no problem finding the perfect piece for any occasion! Order now!