Alpha Omicron Pi Paddles & Plaques

View unique ideas for greek Alpha Omicron Pi paddles & plaques that can be customized and personalized for any big sis. These wooden pledge paddles are for sale with simple greek meanings. This is where to buy the Alpha Omicron Pi paddle for your sister. Expect great pricing and friendly customer service on all custom wooden Alpha Omicron Pi paddles & plaques. Shop now!

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Alpha Omicron Pi Paddles For Sale

Here you’ll find a wide variety of custom Alpha Omicron Pi paddles and plaques so that you can make the perfect initiation gift or present for your big or little sis. Choose from classic wooden Alpha Omicron Pi paddles like our traditional greek Alpha Omicron Pi paddle for yourself or customize a paddle for your pledge class with the large Greek Alpha Omicron Pi pledge class paddle.

All Alpha Omicron Pi plaques and paddles are made to order which means that once you find your ideal paddle, you can personalize the wood finish and text to match your needs. If paddles are not shown in this section, it means that it is not available for your organization.

Alpha Omicron Pi Paddle Ideas

Many new members want unique paddles that have designs you can customize. Many people ask what are AOPi paddles for? What is the meaning behind this long standing tradition. Paddles are used to commerrate the joining of a new member, and are tradtionally given to the big sis in Alpha Omicron Pi . Most paddles are wooden and for sale in our online store. 

All paddles can be customed with a personal To and From section. Included is the crest of your sorority (when available), as well as your chapter name, sorority name, and Alpha Omicron Pi letters. 

Alpha Omicron Pi Plaques

AOPi plaques have been popular because many sororities do not allow their members to have Alpha Omicron Pi paddles. Therefore, you can buy a Alpha Omicron Pi plaque that may be in the wooden shape of your Alpha Omicron Pi symbol. These plaques can be customized in the exact same way as the paddles, but they are just a different shape. Some of the most popular shapes, are the crown, lamp, anchor, crescent moon, owl, kite, sword, rose, quatrefoil, penguin, lion, dov, key, diamond, sailboat, bear, and arrow plaques.