Alpha Phi Sunglasses

We are excited to bring you a large selection of the trendiest Alpha Phi sunglasses! Browse through Alpha Phi aviator sunglasses, malibu sunglasses, and 80s neon sunglasses to find the “Phi-nest” sunglasses for your chapter! Browse now!


Greek U is proud to carry the highest quality Alpha Phi sunglasses around! Our Alpha Phi sunglasses are great way to look stylish while repping the best letters around. We make sure to carry the newest and most popular styles in order to stay up-to-date with the upcoming Alpha Phi trends.

Alpha Phi neon sunglasses can be a fun gift to give to your chapter at any big event such as formal, Ivy Splash, or Bid Day. Any APhi sister would love to have a new pair of super cool sunglasses to rep her sisterhood in style. Our Alpha Phi sunglasses section contains styles like aviators, navigators, wayfarers, and classic neon throwback; the possibilities are endless! Grab some Alpha Phi hats to stay extra shaded!

The best part about our Alpha Phi sunglasses is that they are completely customizable. Once you find your ideal fit, you can customize them by changing the sunglass color, design color and even the text. This gives you the freedom to design Alpha Phi sunglasses to be just the way you want them. Pair your new Alpha Phi sunnies with customizable bags for your chapter, perfect for outdoor occasions like philanthropy events! Or grab a new set of Alpha Phi shirts for your chapter to be looking their “Phi-nest” head to toe! Order today!