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    • 6 Must-Have Drugstore Beauty Products for the College Girl

      Confession: Most days, I roll out of bed, hop into some leggings and a sweatshirt, and make my way to class looking as ~glamorous~ as ever. Cue the Fergie song.  To help you be v glamorous, we came up with the best drugstore beauty products for the college girl budget.


      fergie glamorous picture Source: Giphy


      With that said, there are some occasions--with the exception of my 8am finance lecture-- where your girl loves to glam up and look her best! The following 6 products are all available from the drugstore, meaning they are the perfect go-to beauty bests for any college girl ballin' on a budget. Without further ado, check out Greek U's recommendations for awesome, affordable beauty products for the college gal!


      1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish


      sally hansen miracle gel picture - Top Drugstore Products for the College Girl by Greek U Source: StyleCaster

      I don't know about you, but keeping your pinkies and piggies in tip top shape can be a bit of a pricey commitment. With this innovative polish from Sally Hansen, you can have the look of salon quality gel nails without the hefty price tag! Simply pick from one of 74 shades, and top off your pick with a layer of the Miracle Gel top coat for a perfectly-polished manicure guaranteed to last!


      2. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse


      jergens natural glow picture - Top Drugstore Products for the College Girl by Greek U Source: Priceline


      Try saying that five times fast! Don't have time to sit out and achieve that golden tan you've been dreaming of? This fast-acting mousse is perfect for the girl on the go. Simply apply the instant tanning mousse all over for a quick, natural bronze, guaranteed to have you glowing with confidence in no time.  Make sure to let dry for about 5-10 minutes before you put clothes on, though! Click here to purchase.


      3. Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer


      revlon photoready primer picture - Top Drugstore Products for the College Girl by Greek U Source: Ulta


      This product has to be one of my new all-time favorites! This silky smooth primer is perfect to wear underneath your foundation, and creates an even canvas for your makeup to blend in evenly. Trust me, you'll be looking as flawless as Beyoncé for hours on end.


      4. Rimmel Provocalips 16Hr Kissproof Lip Color


      Rimmel provocalips picture - Top Drugstore Makeup Products for the College Girl from Greek U Source: Rimmel London


      Step aside, PhotoReady primer. This bad boy right here takes the cake for my favorite makeup item to exist in the world ever (no exaggeration, trust me). This lipstick goes on, and stays on. Somewhere between a stain and long-lasting liquid lipstick, this awesome product lasts through eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, and yes, even kissing. Perfect for dressing up a casual look or for a fun night out, bottom line is--you need this product!


      5. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24 Hour Cream Gel Eyeshadow


      maybelline color tattoo picture - Top Drugstore Makeup Products for the College Girl from Greek U Source: Pinterest


      These rockin' metallic creme shadows are another awesome go-to for the busy college girl. Wear alone, or with shadow on top for a perfect metallic base for any eye look. These creme shadows come in a number of different shades, making them perfect for throwing on before class for a day-to-day makeup look, or for turning up the volume with a smoky eye for a night out.


      6. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets


      Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets picture - Top Drugstore Makeup Products for the College Girl from Greek U Source: Target


      Last, but definitely not least, we have these awesome blotting sheets from Clean & Clear. If you tend to have oily-skin, especially towards the middle of the day, these handy helpers will be your best bud! These little sheets are great for throwing in your backpack or purse to keep you looking marvelously matte wherever you go.


      That's a wrap on our top 6 drugstore beauty products for the college gal! What are your favorites? Let us know below!


      Have a great week, from all of us here at Greek U!

    • Everything You Need For A Productive Cram Sesh

      You're back at school. Back in your element, reunited with friends, and ready to take this year by storm! You're on top of the world, and nothing can stand in your way.

      And in the blink of an eye, #Midtermseason rolls around.  Not to worry! (Ok, disclaimer--you scientists & engineers may still worry a tad.)  We will provide you with everything you need for a productive cram session.


      patrick spongebob run in circles GIF Source: Giphy


      With the help of the following tips & tricks, you'll be studying in an effective and less-stressful manner in no time. Check out our ideas for the best way to college cram and crush those midterms!


      Hydrate for the Hustle


      Cat Drinking Water GIF Source: Giphy


      A number of studies, include one by Frontiers journal of Human Neuroscience--fancy, I know--have shown that staying hydrated during activities requiring a high level of mental performance can assist in the effectiveness of your studying session, and increase your focus. Whether you drink water often or not, a water bottle should be on your list for cramming essentials to keep your mind in tip-top shape while you review.


      Skip the Screen


      Jim The Office GIF Source: Giphy


      Despite the fact that, as a part of modern education, so much content and so many assignments are assigned for completion online, too much screen time is truly no bueno for our eyes. This tip is especially crucial if you're planning on a multi-hour cramming campout.

      Take breaks every so often from staring at your computer or phone screen, so as not to strain your vision, and instead opt for writing or reviewing some notes on paper. (Side note: as a Delta Gamma member myself, our focus on visual-impairment through our philanthropy work has given me so much insight into the importance of taking care of our eyes! Don't neglect your peepers, people!)


      Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


      anchorman team jump gif photo Source: Giphy


      While individual studying certainly has its benefits, like being able to focus completely on your own study plan, studying in groups can also be a highly effective study tool. Studies show that when you teach others--for example reviewing a misunderstood topic with someone in the same class as you--it helps you to better understand the information as well, and perhaps even clarify a topic you were incorrect or unsure about!

      Utilize your classmates and their knowledge to amp up your studying, as well as theirs. I've found that frequently, my sisters are in my classes, and make for the best study companions!


      Avoid the Cram (If You Can)


      gilmore girls studying meme picture Source: Google


      Alright, as much as I would love to say I never cram, I frequently do. We're busy college kids, and sometimes (most times) the time gets away from us, and suddenly our test is tomorrow. Nevertheless, one of the best study tips I can offer you--and myself, I suppose--is to avoid cramming completely.

      By studying in short intervals earlier on, avoiding late-night study seshes, and especially avoiding pulling an all-nighter the night before your test, you're highly likely to recall the information more easily and be in better mental and physical health when taking your test.


      However, if you must cram, make sure you bring these essentials with you to get the most out of your studying:


      -Plenty of pens

      -A notebook or paper for handwritten notes--scientifically shown to generally help you recall information more effectively!

      -Water (Coffee & energy drinks are effective in small doses, however, you want to avoid a major crash during your studies--or worse, during your test!)

      -Chargers for your laptop and phone

      -All necessary textbooks/content for your studying

      -Headphones (Study jams are a must for me!)


      -Notes from class

      -Your A-game! You've got this! Now go forward and study on my friends. Your midterms are about to meet their maker.


      Have a great rest of your week, from all of us at Greek U!


      (Image Source: Google, Giphy)

    • Celebrity Style Inspiration - Gigi Hadid | Greek U Blog

      In the celebrity world as of recent, the Hadids have been hot-hot-hot! Today, we'll be looking at some of supermodel Gigi Hadid's best looks, and how to recreate her style without breaking the bank.

      Without further ado, our favorite styles from Gigi Hadid, and how to create your own look inspired by Gigi on a college budget.


      Pleather & Pink


      gigi-leather-top-and-fuschia-pink Source: Google


      This spunky look is one of my personal favorites, incorporating color and simplicity in all the right ways. I love the contrast of Gigi's simple blue pumps and bright fuchsia pants, making for a bold look in a subtle way.

      Recreate this look with these adorable Topshop trousers, a black top (go with pleather for the full Gigi-effect), and these adorable Candie's pumps from Kohls--on sale for only $24! Throw in a cute, bright-colored clutch for full color-blocked fabulousness.


      topshop-pink-trousers blue-pumps Source: Topshop


      Blue Jean Babe


      Gigi Hadid Looks & Style Source: Google


      We love this ultra-chic, and ultra-simple look. Gigi rocks this awesome blue jumper with some black leather booties, a perfect, versatile look for a casual day or a fun night out with friends! Recreate Gigi's look with this adorable Forever 21 denim jumpsuit and these great black leather booties from H&M. Simple, unique, and rocker chic. Love it!


      denim jumpsuit outfit picture Source: Forever 21
      h&m black booties picture Source: H&M


      Casual Cool



      When it comes to creating unique, funky, and casual looks, Gigi is our girl! This fashionista knows how to effortlessly pair cool accessories and pieces to make a street style look that will turn heads. To recreate this look on a college budget, you'll want to gather a number of unique pieces, and tie 'em all together just like this Hadid did.

      Starting with her funky top, try one from Dazey LA, an awesome, artist-based site for hand-drawn, empowering graphic tees galore! This bell-sleeve top is a personal favorite of mine, and is an awesome reminder of fashionista girl power. Pair your tee of choice with some high-waisted jeans or jean shorts, a cute choker, and if you're feeling extra fab, throw on a fitted blazer, like this stunningly-unique Forever 21 caped blazer.

      Empowered Graphic Tee from Dazey LA picture Source: Dazey LA
      Forever 21 cream blazer picture Source: Forever 21


      We hope you enjoy recreating this fashionista's iconic style just as much as we enjoy helping you do so! Have a great rest of your week, from the Greek U team!

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