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Celebrities. They’re just like us. With their designer clothing, multi-million dollar net-worth’s — and who could forget, their Greek affiliations!


We’ve compiled a short but sweet list of our favorite celebs that also happen to be our fellow brothers and sisters from universities across the country. Let this be an example of Greek life taking you far! It’s all about connections, right?


That’s one of the many benefits of being in Greek Life, networking! I’m sure some of these celebrities got to where they are because they learned how to network with people through being in a sorority. ¬†Or they met influential people through their various sorority activities. Whatever the case, the following 10 people got super successful following their time in a sorority!


Without further ado: 10 celebs that were in Greek life!


1. Tory Burch – Kappa Alpha Theta



2. Star Jones – Alpha Kappa Alpha



3. Jennifer Garner – Pi Beta Phi



4. Joanna Garcia – Tri Delt



5. Carrie Underwood – Tri Sig


(PS: Check out our post about this golden girl and her role as an inspirational Sigma Sigma Sigma woman!)


6. Jamie Chung – Kappa Kappa Gamma



7. Kristin Chenoweth – Gamma Phi Beta



8. Patricia Heaton – Delta Gamma



9. Catt Sadler – Chi Omega



Last, but not least, our celeb fraternity hunk of the week…


10. Matthew McConaughey – Delta Tau Delta

Well alright, alright, alright.



That wraps up our list of 10 awesome celebrities who were in Greek organizations! Have a great rest of your week, from the crew here at Greek U!

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