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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, ’tis the season to show thanks for our family and friends and all that they do for us. But who can forget about some of the best friends around–your sorority sisters! We’ve come up with some of the many reasons to be thankful for your sisters this Thanksgiving.  So, in between bites of turkey and conversations with the fam, take the time to show your appreciation for some of the most important ladies in your life.


1. They Inspire You to Be Your Best

Whether pushing you to go for the ‘A’ or simply setting a good example in their daily lives, your sisters are always there to encourage you to be the best version of yourself!


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2. They’re Your TV Binge Buddies

From a season finale fiasco, to rewatching Gossip Girl for the fifth time on Netflix, your sisters are always there when you need a break from the real world to couch-potato it out.


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3. They’ll Always Have Your Back

A true sister will always stand beside you when the going gets tough. Two words: girl code!


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4. They’re Your Shoulder to Cry On

When you just need to let it out, your sisters are always the first to comfort you and tell you it’ll be ok.


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5. Someone’s Always Down to Get Food

Arguably the most important part of any friendship. Your sisters are always down to grab a bite to eat!


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6. They Just Know

Your sisters have a sort of sixth sense and just know when something’s up. Whether it be a shopping date, a day to just bum around (see #2), or a killer workout to get you pumped, your sisters always know how to cheer you up.


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7. They’re Your Second Wardrobe

You’ll never repeat an outfit, thanks to these girls. From formal to costume parties, your sisters have just the outfit you need. Bonus points if you live in the sorority house.  Instead of going to the mall to find something new, you have 15+ closets to shop in! Living in = never wearing the same thing twice!


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8. There’s Always Someone to Help You Out

Whether helping you out with tough schoolwork, touching up your crafts for your little (especially helpful if you lack any artistic talent like myself and order awesome sorority merchandise instead), or giving you the best life advice, your sisters are always there to help you out!


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9. They’ve Been There All Along…

Starting the very day you joined your sorority, your pledge class and new sisters have been your friends from the start.


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10. …And They’ll Be There Forever

After all, it’s not four years, but for life.


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Happy Thanksgiving!! ♥

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