10 Things I Learned in College (But Not in the Classroom)

    College is a time when you're able to leave home, do your own thing, and decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.  It is the best growing experience out there!  I learned many things in college, but the most important things I learned outside the classroom. Hope you can relate, and enjoy!

    Everything is Going to Be Okay


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    So often I hear this phrase from people when asked, “What would you tell your younger self?”  Even when you think it couldn't get any worse, I promise you everything will work out in the end.  

    College Is a Great Time to Re-invent Yourself


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    You do not have to be the same person you were in high school. If you were known as shy, this is your opportunity to become more outgoing. Most of the people don’t know you here.  You can be whoever you want to be! This is the beauty of college.

    Not Attending Class Will Catch Up to You


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    You may think you’re beating the system if you get the class notes from a friend, but teachers do say things in class that will be on the exams. And unless you have a great friend who always goes to class and will give you the notes, your best bet is to go to class as often as possible (this also means staying off your phone in class, since it’s pointless to be there if you’re not even listening).

    How to Manage Your Time/Multi-task


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    Flipping between two subjects becomes second nature. Sometimes you will have two of your hardest finals on the same day (thanks, universe), so your multi-tasking will come in handy.  Your brain works best if you study for small increments then take breaks, so train it to do so.

    Make Some Memories. Don’t Get Too Stressed Over School.


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    After college, you will be expected to get a big-kid job :( This is the time to create some memories you can tell your kids about.

    Call Your Mom.


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    She has some excellent advice in pretty much every category. Shout-out to mom.

    Go Meet Some New People


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    There are so many people here. Don’t be stuck with just the high school friends. Especially, ladies, high-school boys.  Don’t keep going back to that one boy from high school; there are hundreds of new people living right next to you. Go and find some new people.

    Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone


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    This is the time to try new things. You can't do this unless you get out of your little bubble (we are all guilty of this). Apply for that new job or take up a new hobby.  Trust me, your life will be more rewarding once you do!

    Money Management


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    I would highly advise learning how to budget! It will also help you after college :)

    It’s okay to say no.


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    Stay in sometimes, re-coup, catch up on some sleep. I promise, your FOMO will slowly fade away eventually.  I also promise you won’t miss the best night ever if you choose to stay in.


    Hope you gained some insight from this post!  Remember to enjoy yourself, always :)

    The Greek U Team ♥

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