5 Benefits of Greek Life that Will Help You in the Future

    There are many benefits to joining a sorority or fraternity, but we compiled a list of our most important ones! Unfortunately, Greek life sometimes gets a bad rap.  We're here to show you that Greek life can improve your college experience, and also will improve your future! Enjoy :)

    1. Networking Opportunities

    If you are in a sorority or fraternity, Greek life is usually how you meet your friends in college.  You automatically have this circle that you are apart of, and the people in the system can help you get jobs and meet other people that could be beneficial to you in the future.  Your friend could have a friend who knows someone who could get you your dream job (the circle of life, people).

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    2. Life-long Friends

    The great thing about Greek life is that you can meet all of your life-long best friends! You get some built-in best friends that you get to live in a giant house with, help run an organization with, and create some very fun, memorable experiences. We can also bet you will get some bridesmaids or groomsmen out of it.

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    3. Conversations and Mastering Small Talk

    Going through recruitment is an interesting experience to say the least.  One of the benefits is learning how to make conversation out of, well, nothing.  You know that you don't want to be asking PNM's the same old, boring questions, so you get creative.  This is a great skill to have when you go out into the real world. It will make job interviews a breeze, and it makes you seem way confident.

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    4. Organization/Time Management Skills

    When you have chapter meeting at 7, 2 exams tomorrow, and have to meet with your Marketing group at 5, you really learn how to manage your time. It also helps your organization skills. Welcome to the rest of your life; you will need some solid multi-tasking abilities.

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    5. Resume-Builders

    Yes, being on Exec is something you can put on your resume! It shows that you take initiative, are organized, and are a leader.  This is a great opportunity to use your time in a sorority as part of your work experience, especially when your crazy semester load doesn't allow time for a job.

    And no worries if you aren't on Exec! Your sister may be able to get you an internship at the company she interned for! Companies often love sorority girls, because they know they are outgoing and likable.

    I know we all wish we could get paid for our other talents.

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    We know you're all enjoying being in Greek Life already, so we're happy to show you how it will also help you in the future!  Comment below with any other benefits you've found. ♥

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