5 Brilliant Ideas for Sorority Sisterhood Events

    We came up with a list of fun sisterhood event ideas that would be great for every sorority.  Think outside the box when it comes to organizing sisterhood events; all your members will love the new ideas and will want to keep the tradition going. These are our fav ideas!

    Laser Tagging

    Not just a fun activity for little kids!

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    Backyard Movie Night 

    Set up a projector in the chapter house backyard, grab a ton of cozy blankets and snacks, and put on a funny movie. (My personal pick is Bridesmaids)

    Also: You can go to a midnight showing movie premiere at the theater, so fun!

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    Holiday Themed - Pumpkin Patch, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Beach Bonfire



    For those that live in a coastal area, drive to the beach with all your sisters and roller skate down the boardwalk/pier! It will make for some really cute pictures :)

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    Exercise Class - Barre, Zumba, etc.

    Explore the fitness studios in your town, and see what kinds of deals they can do for one class! Most times, they'll give discounts if you fill their classes.

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    Theme Park

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    Charity Walk/Ride/Run

    My personal favorite is The Color Run! Get a team together with all your sisters who want to sign up.



    Some stores have sorority events where they close down their store early and open it up to the whole chapter.  You can get discounts and are free to browse the selection with your sisters. (Warning: dressing rooms will get crazy)

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