5 Reasons Why Greek Week Is The Best

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    While it varies from school to school, Greek Week is undeniably one of the most wonderful times of the year, and I'm here to tell you exactly why. From bringing Greeks of all types together, to being a fantastic opportunity to serve the community, Greek Week is so much more than a pro-Greek powwow. Let the games begin!


    1. Cliche, but oh so true: Greek Unity

    As members of the Greek community, we frequently get caught up in the business of our own chapters. Greek Week is a time like no other that offers the perfect setting to get to know other Greeks on campus. This is especially important, considering that there are so many different councils that focus on different values, professions, nationalities, and more. From pre-professional fraternities to social sororities, Greek Week is the best time to bridge the gap. At the end of the day, we are all Greek!

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    2. Win Those Bragging Rights

    While the format of Greek Week varies from campus to campus, and some prizes may be offered to the winning team, having the bragging rights to say you won Greek Week is the best reward of all. But keep it friendly of course, because after all, we're all in it together!

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    3. Show Off Those Skills

    If you're athletically challenged like me, maybe sit this one out. But for all you flag football fiends and miscellaneous sport masters, Greek Week is the perfect opportunity to show off your inner Sporty Spice. Greek Week events are always a great way to bond with the members of your team and the rest of the Greek community, so take the plunge and get involved!


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    4. Making A Difference

    There's truly no better feeling than knowing you helped someone in need. Whatever your Greek Week's beneficiary, know that your hard work and dedication to competing alongside your fellow Greeks goes towards a great cause.

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    5. It's Just Plain Fun

    You get out what you put in, and if you get involved, Greek Week can be a blast. From the talent show or lip sync to the countless opportunities to work alongside other Greeks to serve the community, it truly is one of the best times of the year!

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    Happy Monday (or as happy as Mondays can be) from everyone at Greek U!

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