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As we wrap up the school year, dreams of the ultimate summer run through our head—keyword being ‘dreams.’ While we might not all be able to trek around the world on a summer expedition, don’t give up just yet! Whether you’re taking classes this summer, working hard, or hardly working, with these 5 fun—and cheap—ideas, you too can live up to your summer dreams.


1. Take a Road Trip

Setting out on a road trip is often the first idea to come to mind for those looking to amp up their summer—and for good reason! Work around your schedule, and budget, to hit the road for as long or as short of a trip as you’d like. Grab some of your best buds and you’ve got summer memories to last a lifetime!


2. Make That Cash Money

Ok, so maybe working full-time during the summer is far from your idea of a good time. Nevertheless, working hard while you have the time to do so is the best way to build up your savings. Or if you’re anything like me, you can use your earnings to amp up your wardrobe for the upcoming school year. Even better— you can use your cash money to outfit your greek family with the latest and greatest in greek apparel, which you just might be able to find here!


3. Find a Backyard Adventure

As simple as this idea is, it’s one of my personal favorites. Try that cafe you’ve driven by a million times. Grab some adventurous friends and go for a hike on a trail you’ve never blazed. If applicable, take a canoe out on the local lake for a relaxing afternoon on the water. There are so many little opportunities waiting for you to seek them out, so make the most of your hometown’s hidden gems!



4. Pursue Your Passion

It’s never too late to learn something new, or to pick back up where you left off. Whether you gave up on your favorite childhood hobby, or are simply craving a change of pace, summer break is a perfect opportunity to pursue whatever you want. Learn a new language. Train for a race. Teach yourself how to play the guitar. The possibilities are absolutely endless. And we all know you probably don’t need to watch every season of Gossip Girl for the third time. Debatable.


5. Travel!

While not all of us have the time or financial capability to hop on a flight to paradise, don’t be too quick to eliminate traveling from your summer plans! With enough time in advance, you can find flights, buses, and trains galore to explore on a college budget. International travel is pricy—but not impossible!

Or, for those truly ballin’ on a budget (like yours truly), take any opportunity to explore a new part of the states! If you’re feeling truly adventurous, opt for a random destination and let your adventures take you where they may. Be sure to remember your Greek gear wherever your summer takes you so that you can always rep your sisters at heart, even when you’re apart.


With this travel toolkit at your disposal, from one college kid to another I challenge you to truly make the most of your summer. Even you full-time worker bees could use an adventure here and there! Have a wonderful summer, from all of us here at Greek U!

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