A Response to "An Open Letter to the Greek Community"

    NAU greek life council meeting


    Recently a member of the Washington State University Greek System wrote an open letter to the Greeks on his campus in regards to decisions being made by the administration. He called out the Greek Community for not being more active in the conversation for decisions within and for Greek life.

    This got us thinking on who should be making decisions for Greek life and the community? Should it be the administration, councils of current students in the Greek system, or alumni groups? We like to think it should involve active participation from all of these groups. When a decision is to be made for any community we believe all of those who belong to that community should have an equal say. Each group can bring a different perspective and help form the best solution from the collaboration that takes place.

    How do you encourage and gain a united active member Greek voice on your campus? Comment and repost with your thoughts and ideas for active participation in Greek life decisions!


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