Greek U’s sorority yoga pants are simply put, a must have item for any girl in college. Obviously you can wear them to the gym, but you can find me wearing them in almost any other instance, because they are that awesome. We exclusively put our customers in American Apparel yoga pants. What I love most about American Apparel’s yoga pants is that they flatter every type of body and not only do they fit well, but they are nice quality and last a long time. At Greek U, it is seriously one of our most popular items, because you will find they are decently priced and are a super cute way to sport your letters or promote an event around campus. We can print in a variety of locations including the back flap, the upper thigh and lower leg area. See above for examples of cute designs, all of which we recently created for our customers. If you are interested in getting some after reading this post, email me directly and I can give you a special discount!

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