Beat the Bookstore: How to Save on Textbooks

    With a new term upon us, it's officially everyone's favorite time of the school year! I mean who doesn't look forward to dishing out hundreds of dollars for expensive college textbooks!

    Oh wait, nobody looks forward to that. Unlike the good ole' days of middle school and high school, nobody's gonna hand you a textbook for free. Or a scantron. Why is buying your own scantrons a thing??????

    Anywho. Like it or not, we as college students have to cough up extra $$$ for textbooks every time a new term rolls around. What we don't have to do is settle for the outrageous prices the bookstore wants to charge us. Here are some of our favorite ways to beat the bookstore for good!

    Buy From Other Students

    Likely the most cost efficient way of getting the books you need, ask around and see if students who have previously taken the class can cut you a deal on the textbook. There are often websites or Facebook groups to swap or purchase books, so see what the situation is on your campus and see what deals you can find!

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    Amazon often has great deals on textbooks and stellar customer service. Their rental and return process is easy to navigate, and they have a wide selection of textbooks to help you find exactly what you're looking for! Plus you can Prime that s***. Maybe a drone will even deliver it to your door. (That one might be a stretch.)

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    My personal favorite plan of attack, this website's search technology (think Kayak for flights) browses tons of textbook websites to find you the best deal on the book you need! is my go-to for finding the cheapest books at the click of a button! Bonus points for all the funny tidbits on the website.

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    So when your teacher gives you this lecture on the first day of class...

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    You'll be prepared, and still have some change in your pocket. May the best of the bargains be with you!

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