Paddle Kappa Delta

This is mind-boggling cool! Introducing the new Traditional Paddle on Greek U! You can design and preview your changes to your paddle right online immediately!!!

This is how it starts out, but everything can be changed!!


I went and changed the To: and From: Categories to match my little’s name and myself with big in front 🙂 I also changed the Winter Class to say Spring 2014.


Then I hit that magical PREVIEW button aaaannndddd….. VOILA!!!!


And the best part yet?! There is FREE Rush production of only 5 business days! Now you can get your little their paddles ASAP!!! 🙂


If you are ordering multiple paddles (to get some saaahhwwweeettt discounted pricing) there is is even an uploader for your excel sheet so you can have send us your spreadsheet with the list of to’s and from’s for each paddle !!!!


Now go start designing yours today!!!


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