Ending the School Year, as Told By Shia Lebouf

With the school year coming to a close, we all…. wait, rewind. The school year is almost over???


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Whether you’re all too ready to pack up and ship out, or are dreading leaving campus for three whole months, I think we can all admit that this school year has flown by at record speed.


The end of a college school year can be a bittersweet time, invoking quite the mix of emotions. Happiness, because soon enough sweet summertime will be upon us. Sadness, because you likely won’t see many of your good friends for the entirety of summer vacation. Extra sadness for those graduating pals. (Check out our ultimate guide to getting said pals the perfect grad gift here!) Apprehension, because who knows what this summer might have in store for you. Melancholy, because life without college just really isn’t the same. And mostly, stress. Lots and lots of stress, thanks to our good ole’ pal Mr. Finals Week.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


With that said, whatever special mix of sentiments you might have, I’m sure this familiar face can relate. Presenting, the end of the school year as told by Shia LaBeouf.


When it hits you that you have less than a month of school…



Well that certainly came out of nowhere. I thought this term just started??




When you check your calendar and realize how much you have to do…

“3 projects, 4 papers, a speech, and preparing a summer job? I can totally handle that,” I declare as my sanity packs its bags and says peace out.



When your Accounting professor offers virtually no help in preparation for the final…

Guess I’ll give it my best shot?



When you discover that one of your finals is “take-home”…

Bonus points for having friends in the class. Nothing wrong with a little collective brainpower.



When you tell yourself you’ll totally study during Dead Week…

27 episodes later… What do you mean I have an exam tomorrow?



When you force yourself to finally start studying…

Can’t. Do. It. Anymore.



When you get the pre-finals pep talk from your BFF…

You’ve got this.



When you totally bomb that final you totally felt prepared for…

Because it happens to the best of us. Try as we might, some classes are out to get us.



When you’re done with finals and realize…




Oh sweet summertime, come sooner?


Happy Thursday from the Greek U team!

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