With the economic crisis we have on our hands, this gives us Greeks less money in the budget to spend on shirts. At Greek U, we are all about trying to give you the best for your money and so we’re currently featuring a new screen printing technique where you can get different colors printed for less! We call it “fading your design” and its currently the new fad at Greek U! The way it works is our designers fade a few colors to produce multiple shades and you only have to pay for the colors you decide to fade. For example, the ladies of Sigma Delta Tau at Columbia University decided to fade pink and yellow in the design up top. We faded pink and yellow to produce orange and other shades between the two colors, but the design is considered only a two color design for pricing purposes. If you’re interested in fading a design, let me know and we can custom create one with the colors and design of your choice!

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