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With the dog days of summer coming to a close, it’s almost time to pack up and ship out back to college for the fall. This transition can be bittersweet; whether you traveled the world, worked full time to make some summer cash, or set the world record for most Netflix series finished in a summer, I think we can agree that getting back into the groove of things at school is exciting for us all! While Kylie and Kendall might be the youngest of the Kardashian “klan,” keep reading to find out why Kim K seems to know exactly how we feel about going back to school after summer break.


When you realize how many fun things are in store for the fall.

Reuniting with your gal pals, football season in full swing, Halloween festivities, getting new sisters, potentially some sweater weather… need we say more? 


How you feel after spending the whole summer break at home with your fam.

While home cooked meals and free laundry might be a plus, nothing beats the independence of a college kid in his/her prime. But if we’re being honest, I give it two weeks tops until you miss your crazy fam once more!

after whole summer

When you realize that going back to school = going back to classes.

We all know that work hard, play hard is the motto…just maybe forgot about that tiny “work” detail. 


When your Mom insists on some spring cleaning before you head back to school.

You swear you need all 13 pairs of heels, but we all know by week two you’ll be back in your daily class uniform. Leggings, sorority tee, and running shoes for the win.

mom spring cleaning

When you hear freshman complain about not getting the classes they wanted.

Wait until sophomore registration and then get back to me on that one.


How you feel after working a job all summer.

When you upgrade from being a broke college kid to a slightly-less-broke college kid, a celebration is in order. Treat yo self. 

summer jo

When you have to fit your entire life into your car to get back to school.

Sympathy to all of you out of state back-to-schoolers who have to fly back to school. Can you say, “baggage fees”? 


When move-in day finally rolls around.

Probably the only time in your life you’d gladly get up at 5am to hit the road and get back to campus.


When you pull up to school for the first time again.

Roll out the red carpet, we’re back! 

pulling up to school

When you finally see your friends again after what felt like an eternity.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

seeing firends

How you feel getting an email from your teacher telling you to start your class reading a week before classes resume.

Excuse me Mr. Professor Sir, but I believe summer doesn’t end until the moment I walk into my first class. 


When you have to start buying books for your classes.

$300 for a textbook I’ll use for five months. Completely reasonable. RIP Summer Savings (2016 – 2016).


When you wonder as an upperclassman if you were that crazy when you were a freshman.

Hint: you probably were.


When you walk into class only to find there’s a quiz on the first day.

Some teachers just want to watch the world burn.

quiz first day

When you realize how much you have to do because it isn’t summer break anymore…

Classes. Sorority. Job. Sanity. Life ???


…but all the stress is worth it because you’re finally back, and you wouldn’t have it any other way!


Happy back to school from all of us at Greek U!

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