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With final exams wrapping up and the holiday season in full swing, it’s almost time to pack up your college life and head home for winter break! If you love your school life as much as I do, going home can be a bittersweet time. But if you don’t believe me, here’s Amy Schumer to fill you in on what it’s like to go home for winter break.


Walking Out of Your Last Final

Finish strong! Whether you killed the exam or the exam killed you, you can’t pretend Amy isn’t all of us leaving our last test of the winter term.



Trying to Pack Up Your Stuff

All you lucky kids with only a two-week break to pack for. How do you pack for five weeks??? How do you fit all that in your suitcase? Who are you to tell me I don’t need to bring twelve pairs of shoes??



Heading Home for the Break

Get ready to make your way downtown. Done with finals, you’re ready to see family–and your own bed–and you’re unstoppable! Honey, I’m comin’ home!



Being Welcomed Home

Simply put, upon your arrival home, you’re the star. It’s all about you (at least for the first couple days). The college kid is back in town! Get ready for many questions about your personal life. (See Reasons You Love Going Home for Thanksgiving: Reason #7)

being welcomed back home



Dear, Relative-I-Never-See,

No, I do not know what my plans are after I graduate. And no, I did not get a boyfriend in the month between when you asked me this question at Thanksgiving and now.

asked about bf


Life at Home

Because this is all we wanna do the minute we get home. Get ready for Mom’s food and Netflix for way too many days.



Being Asked to Do Chores

When Mom get’s tired of your couch potato lifestyle, she’ll pop the question. Asking you to do chores, that is.  (But you do them so well, Mom!!)

asked to do chores


Having to Do Chores

Because no matter how old you get, Mom still has the final say. And no matter how old you get, chores will never be fun.

doing chores


Reuniting With Your Pets

You can fill the absence of the people in your life, but nothing could replace your furry friends.

loving pets


Remembering Why You Don’t Have a Pet at School

Let’s be honest, a week later your relationship with your pets looks a little more like this.

hating pets


Seeing Your Hometown Friends

One of the best parts of any break is getting to reunite with your hometown pals. Even if you’re all going to different schools, when you see your besties, it’s like nothing has changed.

giphy-2 reuniting with friends


When Mom Says to Hit the Gym

If your Netflix-and-chill routine is getting truly severe, get ready to hit the gym–per Mom’s orders. Between seeing everyone and their mother from your hometown at the local gym, Amy is all of us.

mom says gym


Running Into Your Ex

It happens to the best of us.

seeing your ex


Trying to Fit In With The High School Kids

They really do get younger every year. Aren’t you like 12?!?

trying to fit in with highschool


Seeing Relatives Over the Holidays

No matter what you’re celebrating, you’re likely to encounter relatives or family friends over the holidays. Amy knows what it’s like to painfully make small-talk with your third-cousin-twice-removed, when you’d really rather be rewatching Gossip Girl for the fourth time.

seeing relatives


When It’s Time to Go Back

Winter break has been real. Winter break has been fun. But winter break hasn’t been real fun. Amy knows what it’s like to finally head back to your college life.



Starting the Term Off Strong

You’re back at it with your sisters, and ready to take the spring by storm. Time to do it all over again!



Happy holidays and enjoy your time off!


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