Most members of any fraternity or sorority would agree that being a part of their respective organizations gives them a sense of pride and belongingness. A lot of times, the names of fraternities and sororities are mentioned in the same breath with phrases such as “a family away from family.” Especially for those who go to college far away from home, there is a social need to belong. Put in a more cheesy way, they need to be loved.

That is why EVERY member within the Greek society will always wear his or her letters with pride. These Greek t-shirts not only tell the public which fraternity or sorority one belongs to, but they also portray characteristics of the individual. Every Greek-affiliated person searches for the best Greek apparel manufacturers to separate themselves from others. With all the different custom designs and colors, Greek apparel is more than just a billboard showing what fraternity or sorority you belong to. It is a fashion statement. You are no longer limited to the standard Greek custom t-shirts and hoodies. Walking down Fraternity Row, you see buff frat guys wearing tank tops with their fraternity name in bright highlight colors. When you’re working out at the gym, you might notice sorority girls wearing ribbed racer back tank tops while sweating off calories on the elliptical.

Looking through our plethora of shirt designs, which includes both cutesy designs as well as funny designs, we have worked with many fraternity and sorority members and gathered everyone’s input to come up with the most creative shirt designs out there. Since fashion trends are always changing, we are always looking for your input and ideas for new shirt designs. Feel free to send us your creative ideas, and you just might see your designs on future shirts! Our email is

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