As part of the Greek community, whether you’re in a fraternity or sorority, there are key moments in college that shape the course of your life. Most people would tell you that crossing over into their fraternity or sorority is their single most memorable moment of their college career. That’s tough to argue against considering the time and effort you put into reaching that point where you are finally part of an everlasting friendship.

But what about graduation? Crossing over into a fraternity or sorority does is significant in the sense that you are networking for the present and the future. Your name is forever intertwined with that of your respective fraternity or sorority. You make lasting friendships that go beyond the limits of your college career. But graduation sees the bigger picture. Getting an education is why we are in college in the first place. When you were in high school, you loathed the fact that there was another four to five years of school. When you graduate from college, you see the light at the tunnel, knowing that you are forever done with school, unless you decided to pursue a greater degree.

College graduation is definitely a top five moment for anyone. Just think about it. That college degree you receive on graduation day is key to you landing a job that offers competitive salaries. Graduation is like crossing over again, except you are crossing over into a new chapter in your life as opposed to crossing over into a fraternity or sorority.

That is why when your big bro or big sis graduates, you and everyone else who loves them will embrace him or her with every ounce of love you have to offer. For most sororities, it is tradition to get your bigs a sorority sash or stole with your letters on it. A sash and a stole is essentially the same thing. Sashes accessorize the basic cap and gown, and identify the individual with their respective fraternity or sorority, or their achievements. The little bro or little sis gets their bigs a stole as a token of their appreciation for all that they’ve done for them throughout the years. As with most other Greek apparel nowadays, graduation sashes and stoles can also be personalized with different colors, fonts, etc.

Case in point, fraternity sashes and stoles is the perfect graduation gift for your big bro or big sis. Not only are you helping them stand out from the rest of the graduating class, you are telling them that their big day is just as important to you as it is to them. Seeing how graduation is one of the biggest days of their lives, why not make it a memorable one?

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