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Okay, ladies.

This one’s for you.

We know it’s hard to know how to be healthy in college.

What with classes, work, sorority life, family, social life, friends, and plenty more, working on your fitness can be a sizable challenge.

Especially since all of that dorm food is super unhealthy.

What gives?

We’re here to teach you how to cut through all of the unhealthy options to pave your way to a more healthy lifestyle.

Greek U‘s Tips for How to Be Healthy in College


If you’re anything like me–as in, a college junior who still hasn’t quite figured out how this whole “healthy” thing works–you might know that balancing being a busy college lady is a task itself.

And to throw staying fit on top of that beautiful mess?

You might think it can’t be done.

It is indeed possible!

Check out our tips below for staying fit and fabulous, even on a tight college schedule.


If you can’t find the time, make the time.


First off, you DO have time.

To workout, to study, to hang with your friends.

Sacrifice some Netflix time, shopping time, or some sleep time and go work out in the morning.

These adjustments don’t necessarily have to be the major, important events on your calendar.

Making time for a quick work out can be as easy as cutting off time sitting around on your phone, re-watching that season for the 3rd time on Netflix, or getting 45 more minutes of precious sleep.

Find something that makes you excited to go work out, and you will find yourself making the time.

Whether it be testing out a brand new playlist, or rewarding yourself with your favorite snack after you go work out, finding the little joys will help you to stick to your schedule.


Girl working out in the gym picture


After all, exercise makes you feel amazing, so why wouldn’t you want that feeling?

Long story short, cutting out the unnecessary lollygagging in your day-to-day life leaves you with a surprising amount of time to dedicate to staying in shape in college.


What You Put Into Your Body is Key



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You might’ve heard through the grapevine that being fit and shedding pounds has much more to do with diet than it does strenuous exercise.

Eating right is actually 75% of the overall package.

If you work out while still eating terribly, you will not see any results (and you probably won’t get great workouts because you won’t feel super energized).

But, if you are feeding your body what it needs plus if you are getting a good workout, you will see tremendous results.

I happen to be the biggest fan of everything sweet, salty, and greasy, so clearly I am still learning to apply this rule myself.

But whenever I want to have some candy, I just think that it’s not doing my body ANY good.

You have to keep the big picture in mind and even though you can’t see what’s happening inside your body, eventually it will catch up to you.

A huge part of your fitness routine and how you feel each day is the way you decide to power your body.

When you eat well, you genuinely feel better than when you overindulge in one-too-many goodies.

Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t treat yo’ self here and there, but keep in mind having a balanced diet for best results.

Everything in moderation, people!

Plus –

You will look and feel amazing in your Greek merchandise, too!


Stick to Your Schedule


Another tricky one, but a helpful key into staying in shape in college.

Once you’ve figured out a routine that works for you, commit to that sucker!

The general rule is that when you stick to a good, new habit for over two weeks, it becomes much easier to maintain in your daily life.

If you can give it the time, you’ll be seeing results and staying in shape in no time.

Recruit a friend (that will be motivating) that will stick to the schedule with you!

That way, you can look forward to your early workouts before class with your big sis or little sis.

You can challenge each other, spot each other and try new things in the gym together!

You can even set aside times where you take study breaks to go to the gym.

Heading to the rec center in between studying for your two hard exams will give you a much clearer head!

I always love taking a study break to get some exercise in, because it resets my mind and helps me perform at my best!


Your Body Will Thank You Later



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Remember when I mentioned how much I love greasy, junky food?

Well, I do.

And as college kids, I think I speak for us all when I say that late-night munchies are a staple part of the college diet (if they aren’t, you ought to reevaluate whether you’re doing this whole college thing right…kidding!).

With that said, contrary to popular belief as instilled in us by the one and only Chainsmokers, we are indeed getting older.

And with that, nights of drinking and binge-ing on our favorite late-night snacks catch up with us much more quickly.

Now, I love a good old college night out. But I’ve got to play devil’s advocate nonetheless.

Did you know that most alcohol makes you gain weight?

It’s because of all the sugar in those fruity drinks, wine, and other cocktails.

Hence, the Freshman 15.

Trust us, you will feel SO much better during the week if you stick to a healthy diet and exercise schedule.


Healthy Salad picture


As we get older and (supposedly) wiser, we also attain further responsibilities, one of them being to treat our aging bodies with respect and adapting our lifestyles accordingly.

Keep the partying and binge eating regulated, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.


I hope you find these tidbits helpful, and are as motivated as ever to get out there and be an awesome, multi-tasking, fit, bad-ass college girl.

Wishing you a great rest of your busy week, from all of us here at Greek U!

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