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It’s about that time; recruitment is over and the search is on for bigs and littles!  You may have already found your “rush crush” or known a girl prior to them joining your house.  For you all, the choice is easy! But for everyone else who hasn’t found their future big/little, we have a few tips!


The Mushy Stuff

You want to find a sister who you know will be there for you in good times and bad.  The one who will go with you to get ice cream at midnight, and stay in with you to watch Netflix instead of going out.  Every girl wants to find a big/little that they can count on and look up to.


Finding Your Perfect Match

I know; it sounds like dating, right?

Your big/little should be someone that you have lots in common with.  And you’ll have things to learn from each other.

Find someone that you can have a lot of fun with, too.


Obviously, you should love the rest of the family (for littles).  For bigs, you should be certain that your little prospect will fit in with the rest of the fam.


TIP: If you want to get the most out of your big/little hunt, get to know all the girls instead of picking out just one.  Who knows, you may find another little and want to take them both as twins!

The new pledge class will get really excited that an older girl sincerely wants to get to know each one of them!


Truth is, you will find the perfect big/little for you.  Bigs, teach your new little the ways of college; balancing school, social life and everything else in between. And shower her with gifts (duh).  Littles, learn from your new sisters and embrace the sorority life.  And have fun!

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