Inspirational Sorority Women: Betsey Johnson



Introducing our latest inspirational sorority woman–the lovely Betsey Johnson! This spunky designer is one of our favorite sorority ladies, known for her whimsical style and carefree take on life.


A Connecticut native, Johnson attended Syracuse University, where she became an Alpha Xi Delta. After graduation, she worked as an intern for Mademoiselle magazine, where her career in fashion began to blossom.




She jumpstarted her passion for fashion by opening a small boutique in New York’s Upper East Side (xoxo, Gossip Girl). From there, she took over the label Alley Cat, targeted towards musicians with a fun-loving, rock ‘n roll style.



Johnson began a line of her own in 1978, where the world was introduced to her spunky, eccentric, and feminine designs that have become so well known today. Featuring bright colors, loud patterns, and plenty of tulle, Betsey Johnson has staked her unique claim on the fashion industry. Check out some of our favorite designs below!




Johnson has a reality show with her daughter Lulu on the Style Network, and was chosen to compete on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars. Betsey is also known for her signature sign-off at the end of her colorful runway shows–a cartwheel into the splits!



Work it, Betsey!




In 2000, Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer, but luckily detected it early enough to successfully fight off the disease and return to full health (and cartwheels!) With over four decades in the fashion industry under her belt, Betsey Johnson is an inspiration to us all for her perseverance and true passion for her unique work.



From her effortlessly eccentric style to her undying passion for fashion, this awesome sorority┬ásister┬áreminds us all that at the end of the day, you’ve just gotta have a little fun! We love ya Betsey!



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