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    This actress/angel extraordinaire is another of our favorite inspirational sorority women! Lucy Liu, the youngest of three children, was born in New York City December 2nd, 1968.  (Happy belated birthday Lucy!!)


    A Chi Omega at the University of Michigan, Liu began her career in the fine arts as a college student, as well as a major in Chinese Language and Culture.

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    Liu sparked her career in the arts her senior year at the University of Michigan, when she auditioned for a supporting role in the university's production of Alice in Wonderland and walked away with the lead!


    Starting off in smaller roles on shows such as The X-Files, 90210, and ER, Liu built her acting career with her first major role in Ally McBeal, earning her a Primetime Emmy for her portrayal of character Ling Woo-- a role created specifically for her after her audition for the show!

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    Liu is perhaps most well known as one third of the dynamic crime fighting trio in Charlie's Angels, a role she acquired in 2000. Working alongside Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, this angel rocked the big screen and inspired women everywhere to bring out their inner girl power.

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    Beyond her acting career, Liu has hosted Saturday Night Live alongside Jay-Z, studied a number of various religions, and worked as an artist in multiple mediums.



    Liu hosted an art show in 2006, from which all of the proceeds were donated to UNICEF--for which she as also been appointed an ambassador. She has also been a notable supporter of human rights and a leader in the fight against human trafficking.

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    From her outstanding acting career to her notable charity work, Liu sets a great example for sorority women everywhere. We love Lucy!

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