Source: The Kansas City Star

We recently came across this article from the Kansas City Star and just HAD to share it!  We think it’s amazing!!


Source: The Kansas City Star

Source: The Kansas City Star. “Society says I’m spoiled, but I have 3 jobs.”


The campaign: Black and white Facebook photos of sisters’ hands and personal declarations written on them. It is called “Breaking Barriers.”

The organization: University of Missouri (Mizzou) Kappa Kappa Gamma.

The photos are all about each sister’s stereotype and how she breaks it.

Posted on the sorority’s Facebook page, the photo series includes, “Society thinks sorority girls are airheads, but I’m a chemical engineer,” and “Society says I’m uncultured, but I speak 4 languages,” etc.

This campaign coincides with the Mizzou Panhellenic Association’s “Taking Back Beauty,” which encourages girls to take off their makeup and showcase how naturally beautiful they all are.

You can see some of these photos in this article here.

Other sororities and universities should adopt campaigns like these to promote high self-esteem and positive attitudes in general.  I think college is a very important time to show girls how beautiful they are, and try to help them feel comfortable with themselves.

If you’re on Panhellenic Council at your school, we encourage you to bring a campaign like this to their attention and propose that you do it at your school.  It is an important thing to address with your peers and sisters.

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