Our Favorite Winter Activities

    With winter break upon us and no school responsibilities to worry about, this festive season is the best time of year to get out and have fun! With so many great seasonal activities to go experience, we know you won't be stuck watching Netflix in bed all day, unless by choice, of course. Here are a couple of our favorite winter activities to inspire you!


    1. Ice Skating

    This classic winter activity is a great date idea, family function, or outing with your friends! Remember, your friends will pick you up if you fall--only after they're done laughing. Lace up your skates and hit the rink for some frosty-fun!

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    2. Sledding

    If you're fortunate enough to get snow where you live, who doesn't love the thrill of grabbing a sled and hitting the hills? While this activity may involve some tumbles and turns, you'll be sure to have a great time and snuggle up with some cocoa afterwards.Who says sledding is just for little kids...

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    3. Hitting the Town

    There's something about winter nights in the city. With the holiday season in full swing, big cities--San Francisco, San Diego, New York, to give you some ideas--are especially festive and sure to instill you with the holiday spirit! A night out on the town makes an especially great date night, so grab your plus-one and hit the city!


    PS: Just don't be like our friend Buddy here and let the town hit you...

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    4. Holiday Goodies!!

    One of my personal favorite parts of the holiday season is baking--and more importantly, eating--tons of holiday treats! From decorating sugar cookies of all different shapes to constructing a gingerbread house, this is a great opportunity to get together with friends or family and celebrate the reason for the season.


    You could even make custom cookies for your sorority sisters!

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    5. Time with Family

    As busy students, it's hard to get caught up in our college lives, from Greek life to getting good grades. Truly one of the best things we get to do during winter break is spend time with family and appreciate our loved ones!

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    We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, from all of us here at GreekU.com!

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