Some of you who are new to ordering sewn on letters may not know that we offer two types of letters, zig-zag and satin stitch letters. Do you know the difference between satin stitch and zig-zag stitch? Sometimes its super confusing trying to figure out the difference when you are ordering your letters, so let me explain! The main difference revolves around the actual thread stitching around the sewn on letter. To view the difference, see the picture up top. Satin stitch has a nice thick stitch (shown in yellow) around the letter and is seen as a bit nicer in quality. With satin stitch, you can pick another color other than the letter color for the thick thread stitch. Zig-zag stitch has an actual “zig-zag” thread patten (shown in white) around the white letter. Both stitch types are very popular with Greeks nationwide. Currently we offer one color satin stitch and zig-zag stitch letters that you can order individually on 123Greek! You can choose from a variety of sorority sweatshirts and fraternity sweatshirts to get your letters put on.┬áIf you are wanting satin stitch, getting a one color satin stitch is not too much more than getting the zig-zag, and you can actually receive a satin stitch upgrade for free if you are ordering 12 or more items!

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