When it comes to figuring out the price on sorority¬†screen printed shirts, most of us are in the dark about it and haven’t even ordered shirts before. Prior to working at Greek U, I had no idea whether a 5 color design was the same price as a 1 color design, or if the amount of shirts had anything to do with the printing price. Today I am going to explain what goes into the price, so you can understand that there are many things that affect the price, and MANY ways to get the best price possible. There are a few things that can affect the shirt price, and to make it easy to remember I have come up with the word CALS (and no ladies, I am not talking about calories)….

C : How many colors of ink do you want printed?

A: What is the amount of shirts you want to order?

L: What locations do you want to get printed on?

S: What type of shirt do you want to get?

If you can always remember to think of CALS when you are trying to fit the shirts into your budget, you can discuss with us what can help you get the best price possible. For example, if you care more about the design than the shirt, you could get a less expensive shirt but then spend your money on a front and back design in a few colors. Or, you could decide to get a nicer shirt, and get a cute design with less colors of printing! It’s for you to decide, and for us to create, so let us know if you need a quote!

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