Crossing over into a fraternity or a sorority is a BIG deal. This moment represents your entrance into an everlasting brotherhood or sisterhood. Formals, or maybe known as Presents to others, is a defining moment in the lives of Greek affiliates. It is the celebration and presentation of the new class that has crossed over into an unbreakable bond with all those in the fraternity or sorority that have come before them. In short, you are being welcomed into a family.

From an active’s point of view, Presents is an excuse to throw a party, a huge party. From a business perspective, it’s a celebration of all the hard work the active house put into the year to guide the pledges through the program. On the other hand, the pledges see Formals as the spotlight that displays their strong characters of courage and perseverance to not give up and stick it out. Formals is the moment when you have climbed to the very top of the mountain and stuck your flag at the pinnacle to show conquering of the process.

Perhaps one of the most popular gifts any big bro, big sis, or anyone else can get the new initiates is a set of sewn on Greek letters. Traditionally, sewn on letters come in forms of crewneck sweaters and hoodies where your fraternity or sorority’s letters are stitched on the chest area. Any dense Greek areas will have a Greek apparel store that will help you make and design custom Greek sewn on letters. They let you choose the color of your sweater before they sew on Greek letters onto it. Most fraternities have a set of letters called Traditionals that every member in the fraternity possesses. Your Traditionals are all uniform in that they display your fraternity or sorority’s colors.

As with technology and everything else in life, styles of sewn on Greek letters are always changing. Before, getting your lil bro or lil sis a set of Traditionals was enough. Now, big bros and big sisses are constantly looking for ways to find the best spots for customizing letters. Today, Greek letter shirts are more of a fashion statement. You look for the most unique combination of colors, or you find favorite fabric patterns such as plaid, Coach, and Burberry to name a few. Whatever you or anyone else prefers, sewn on Greek letters are always a good gift, and they are always customizable. For any questions or suggestions, contact us at

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