Halloween costumes for the procrastinators

I know you all have your Halloween costumes completely ready to go!

Just kidding.

Say hello to this blog post, because it’s gonna be your savior.  No one wants to be made fun of because they didn’t have enough time to get a costume. We’re here to save you from that.

1. Mean Girls


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


This costume is as funny as it is easy.  All you need is a hoody and sunglasses. Include a sign on your body with your favorite Mean Girls quote. Boom.

2. Where’s Waldo?


Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post


Comfortable, and you can probably find a Waldo shirt at your local thrift store, as well as a Halloween store.  You will also probably have people coming up to you making Where’s Waldo jokes. Just roll with it.

3. Cher from Clueless




All you need is a yellow skirt, blazer, and knee high socks with heels.  You can find all of these items at a thrift store!  If you can’t find the yellow, dress in one of her other plaid outfits. There are many, trust us.

4. Scarecrow




This one is super easy because I know you have at least one plaid shirt in your closets.  Buy some fake flowers from a grocery or craft store, throw on some jeans, and you’re basically done with this costume.

Tip: Pinterest has some awesome DIY makeup tutorials, so you can learn how to do your own Halloween makeup.  You can even wear normal clothes if you have intense costume makeup on.

5. Fanny Pack + Anything Else

Add a fanny pack to virtually any outfit and you are now a tourist.

6. Wednesday Addams



Source: Buzzfeed


This is your chance to wear all-black everything (like you don’t already).  Plus, you don’t have to crack a smile the entire night.

7. Decade Costumes




Decade costumes are pretty easy if you’re all out of ideas or need multiple costumes for the weekend.  Hippie is one of my favorites; just get some round glasses from Forever 21, braid your hair and wear those flared jeans that are just sitting in your closet.

8. Minion from Despicable Me



This is another comfy costume that doesn’t take many props!  You can make the minion glasses with items from the craft store, or you can wear some round glasses (with or without the lenses).


We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween weekend! ♥ We also hope these ideas helped a little bit 🙂 I for one can still say I haven’t planned my costume. Oops.

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