Sorority Life: As Told By BEYONCE

    The Queen knows all.

    When you start college

    Original Destiny's Child

    Original Destiny's Child, so young. So innocent.

    When you get a bid from the house you wanted



    When you hear that a girl in another house is trying to steal your rush crush

    Not. Happening.

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    When you realize your sisters are awesome.

    These ladies are your future bridesmaids.

    When you get your Big/Little and you know that your family is the best

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    When your outfit for formal is on point

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    When Greek Week/philanthropies roll around and you have to learn choreography

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    When you realize you get to hang out with your sisters every day at the house


    Sleepovers and Netflix always!


    When you're appointed to a position for your chapter

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    When your chapter has the highest GPA

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    When you're about to graduate

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    All hail the Queen.

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