Crossing over into a sorority is a defining moment in your life. Ask any sister of any sorority. One may tell you that you have joined the “best sorority ever,” or she may tell you that this is a “sisterhood like no other.” Of course, these are all subjective, but ask any one of them, and you can rest assured that they are proud to be in their respective sorority. When you gander through the records of your sorority, you will see your name forever etched into the books of its history. Your name becomes synonymous with that of your sorority, and this everlasting bond will stand the test of time.

That is why every member of your sorority is proud to wear a sorority t-shirt with your letters across your chest. The letters on your t-shirt tell people what sorority you belong to, but more importantly, the letters on your t-shirt symbolize all the time and effort you put into a sisterhood you love and believe in. When you look down at those letters on your chest, you are reminded of all that you did to become part of the sorority, and all your sisters that share this bond with you.

Sorority t-shirts and the way you represent your sorority has evolved over time. Whereas girls used to wear t-shirts and hoodies with the standard letters of your sorority across the chest, girls are now becoming more creative with designs and colors that give their greek apparel a more unique look. Sorority letters are no longer limited to the standard placement on the frontside of t-shirts, but there are customized designs that run vertically down the side of the shirts or somewhere on the back. No longer limited to standardized sorority shirts with the standard sorority colors, girls are now accessorizing their closet with apparel of all types and colors. Tanks, t-shirts, sweats, hoodies… anything is possible.

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