ZTA letter sweatshirts

It’s our favorite time of year! Everyone is joining houses, picking future littles and getting really excited for the new school year.  This means that you all are in need of some new sewn-on letters! Whether it be for your littles or yourselves, we have a how-to guide that will help you create the perfect ones!


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Picking Your Style

Depending on where you go to school or what your preferences are, you may want a T-shirt or a sweatshirt with your letters on them.  Here’s one of our favorites: the crewneck sweatshirt.  It’s cozy and available in lots of colors (which means more options for letter colors!)

Sorority Letter sweatshirt

Left: Ash sweatshirt with Spotlight Peacock Blue letters Right: Cardinal Red sweatshirt with Tribal Diamonds letters and a Black outline


A really great T-shirt is the American Apparel V-neck.  Also available in lots of colors, this shirt is soft and will be really great all year.  As well as wearing it in warm weather, you can layer it underneath a jacket when it gets cold and still show off your letters.  

Light Pink shirt with Navy Roses letters

Light Pink shirt with Navy Roses letters


We also have this awesome jersey that’s another favorite!

Black jersey with Lilac letters and a White outline

Black jersey with Lilac letters and a White outline


We don’t know about you, but we love laying around in our sweats.  These sweatpants are perfect for that, and you can decorate them by putting your letters down the side! They have an elastic waist, open bottom, and cozy fleece on the inside.

Oxford sweatpants with Light Gold letters and a Cardinal outline

Oxford sweatpants with Light Gold letters and a Cardinal outline


Our prices for the T-shirts and tank tops, with letters, range from $13 to $28.  Our sweatshirts range from $20 to $40.  Most items are on sale, so take a look for yourself!

Picking A Color Combo

The first part of picking your color combination is choosing what color item you want.  Our advice is to choose something that will go with many different colors, so you have a lot of options for letter colors!

Then, you are able to choose premium fabric, or plain color letters.  The premium fabric has designs; the regular letters are solid colors.

We just added some new premium fabrics, and we’re pretty crazy about them! Some of our favorites here at Greek U are Navy Roses, Red Daisies, Turquoise Chevron, and the Metallic colors!



Just make sure the colors of your shirt and the fabric don’t clash! You can also choose an outline color to make your letters pop.

Choose Your Sorority and Preview

The final step is choosing your sorority from the drop-down menus, and then “previewing” your item.  

Once you choose your style, colors and sorority, you will click the “Preview” button. You have to click this button before you can add to your cart, so that you can see what the finished product will look like.



If you don’t like what you see the first time, don’t worry! You can repeat these steps until you find your perfect color combo.
Simple as that! So go get yours! 🙂 

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