3 Ideas for Spring Break on a Budget

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With the spring term in full swing, it’s almost time for one of the greatest times of the year: SPRANG BREAK!

While we all wish we could lay on the beaches of the Bahamas this spring break, we know that’s only attainable for a select few of us.

Traveling the world while ballin’ on a college budget isn’t always easy.

Here are a couple fun ideas to make the most of your spring break activities, without breaking the bank.


1. Third-Party Organized Spring Break Trips

From Cabo to Arizona, there are a bunch of spring break packages designed with the college student in mind.

This means, the trips are affordable and within a college student’s budget.

When I was in college, I used JusCollege to book my trips to both Cabo and Lake Havasu, Arizona.


Tropical vacation palm trees photo - spring break activities


For a couple hundred dollars, all of your amenities are covered for you to have a great time with students from all across the country.

Most trips to Cabo are all-inclusive, which means you get food and drinks included with the room and the amenities of the hotel.

What a deal, right?

My personal favorite trip was Cabo, because it was tropical, warm, and we just lounged by the pool and hung out with our friends all week.

Very relaxing.

While having fun in the sun, you can even rep your sorority with cute sorority sunglasses, greek merchandise, or embroidered hats.


2. Get Your Camp On


Girl sitting in a hammock camping - spring break activities


A highly underrated getaway – camping is the perfect budget-friendly spring break activity idea.

Whether in the mountains or at the beach, a camping trip with friends or sisters is a great way to spend your week.

And the very best part?

No cell service.

It just allows you to take a very-needed break from school and social media.

Unplug, unwind, and let the good times roll!


Delta Gamma Spirit Jersey picture - ideas for spring break

Source: Google


3. Explore Your City

If you’re sticking around school for spring break, you can absolutely still have a memorable spring break!

This isn’t something many people think of when they think ‘spring break’, but it can be just as fun.

Especially if you have friends that are also staying in your town.

Get to know your city better by digging up your town’s hidden gems.

Try seeking out a posh coffee shop, a (literally) breathtaking hike, or a park to spend the afternoon.

Seen here is one of San Diego’s secret spots, a huge suspension bridge!

This is an especially good tip for older students (juniors and seniors) that may be moving away shortly!

We know you’re probably getting over the whole party-hard thing.

Take this break from classes to explore your college town, and find the super-awesome places you might not have known about before.

Playing a tourist in your own city is super fun, trust me.

Remember: spring break doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome.


Source: Delta Gamma SDSU

Source: Delta Gamma SDSU


4. Pick a City, and Take a Road Trip There

Choose a city that you’ve never been to before.

Half the fun won’t be the city itself, but the journey there.

Pack the car with good friends, yummy snacks, and an excellent playlist.


Road trip photo - spring break activities


This is by far my favorite idea on the list.


Because road-tripping is my favorite!

It’s actually the best way to spend your spring break.

It’s one of the most inexpensive spring break activities, and somehow all of my road trip memories have been the best ones.

You seem to be able to get to know someone better on a road trip.

Take advantage of your time off this spring with a good, ol’fashioned road trip.


These are just a few of our favorite ideas to make the most of your week off!

There are tons of other awesome opportunities to take advantage of, so work hard this term so you can play hard during spring break.


Happy Tuesday from Greek U!

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