Most of you out there probably know about how awesome the American Apparel V-necks are, but for those of you who don’t, listen up. American Apparel has many different V-necks, but the one I’m talking about is their standard Fine Jersey V-neck . This V-neck seriously flatters everyone, and the unisex fit leaves you a million ways to wear the shirt. Whether you want to wear it with leggings or jeans, it looks amazing. I personally have this V-neck in every color, and I wear it anywhere from the gym to the mall. Its the most comfortable everyday shirt that everyone has to own, so why not get a cute Greek design on it!? If you are wanting a shirt that will represent your entire chapter well, this is the shirt to get! I have to warn you its a bit more on the expensive side, but definitely less than getting some other types of American Apparel shirts. In case you are about to run to the American Apparel store to buy this… wait up because we can special order them for you, and print a design of your choice for cheaper than getting them at the store. ┬áIf you are interested in getting a quote, hit me up!

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