Scream Queens

To say that the new show on FOX, ”Scream Queens,” has a star-studded cast would be an understatement.  The show features Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Lea Michele, and Ariana Grande, just to name a few.  What viewers probably don’t know is that the show is filmed on a real college campus, Tulane University in New Orleans.  ”Queens” calls their school Wallace University.




We recently read an article from The Hullabaloo, Tulane University’s student newspaper, that highlighted the filming on their campus.  More importantly, it talked about the fictional sorority, Kappa Kappa Tau, that students couldn’t help but notice sounds a lot like Kappa Kappa Gamma, an active sorority on campus.



Because the show features intense hazing, mean girls, and death, members of the national sorority want to make sure viewers know that the show is not representative of what Kappa Kappa Gamma is.

Since the show aired only a few weeks ago, the effects of the controversial sorority name have yet to come to light.

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