We have all been there at some point, in charge of a Greek event and searching for a cute greek shirt design, but not really finding the perfect design, nor really knowing what the perfect design actually should look like! The reason why I love working at Greek U is because we have a seriously talented design team. Although our design gallery has a ton of cute sorority and fraternity shirt designs,  we can also custom create a ridiculously cute design for your event. Whether you have a very specific event like a Fiesta themed bid day or a Gasparilla Pirates event, we have you covered! In fact, two of my favorite customers recently requested a custom design for these two types of events, and they put their complete trust in our designers. Not only did we create an awesome design to fit their event (see designs up top), but it is completely free with every order! If you find yourself in this position, unsure of what design to use, let me know and we’ll help you out!

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