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Being in a fraternity in college is an experience unlike any other. From the pledging to the initiation to the brotherhood that carries members through their college years, and extends well into post-University life, the experience of a fraternity is a unique one.

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The Fraternity Store

Regardless of which fraternity you participated in as a student or are currently involved in, the Greek U Fraternity Store has something to offer everyone.

From fraternity sweatshirtsfraternity shirts, and hats branded with your fraternity’s name and logo, to convenient drinkware and even fraternity-specific paddles, we’ve got it all.

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No matter what you choose to purchase, you’ll enjoy our fast service, ample selection, and exciting and high-quality products.

Why Shop the Fraternity Store

There is no experience as special or unique as being a part of a fraternity, and representing your house colors with our unique products is an excellent way to show your pride.

Ideal for purchasing something special for yourself, preparing for graduation, giving fraternity gifts to new recruits, or outfitting your family and friends with items that show off your dedication to your house, The Greek U Fraternity Store is a great place to find all your fraternity-focused memorabilia.

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With an extensive selection of fraternity apparel, a large array of supported fraternities, and a unique assortment of products and goods to show off your house pride, the Greek U Fraternity Store is the one and only place to shop for your favorite fraternity products.

The History of the Fraternity

The first fraternity was Phi Beta Kappa. Founded at The College of William and Mary in 1775, the members of this elite brotherhood kept their organization a secret for nearly 100 years! In 1831, however, the members disclosed their bylaws and began accepting outside members.

Developed to provide a middle-ground between literary societies, secret organizations, and dining clubs, fraternities represented a way for socially aware men to engage in philanthropic efforts, host parties, and enjoy the societal benefits that came with belonging to an elite club.

Today, fraternities maintain many of the organizational standards and purposes they have for hundreds of years, and they remain a critical way for young men to establish and enjoy the benefits of brotherhood.