Alpha Delta Pi Sweatshirts & Jackets

Browse through our assortment of Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirts and ADPi jackets to find the right style for you. We’ve got a large assortment of styles including cardigans, jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters. As always when you work with Greek U, you can expect great pricing and friendly customer service on all Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirts and jackets. Get the hottest styles of the season and shop for your Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirt now!

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Alpha Delta Pi Sweatshirt Designs to go Crazy for

This year, find the highest quality Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirts and jackets available on the market here at Greek U, your source for quality sorority goods and gear. Here, you’ll find only the best designs in zip-up jackets, sweaters, crewneck sweatshirts, pullovers, track jackets, cardigans, and hoodies fit only for the most stylish and discerning ADPi sisters. With so many choices to pick from, you’re sure to find a sweatshirt with letters Alpha Delta Pi women everywhere have been proud to wear since 1851!

 Alpha Delta Pi Sweatshirts

Our Alpha Delta Pi boutique print sweatshirts are worth writing home about. A decades-old sorority tradition with lots of support behind it, Custom Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirts are a must-have in any good sister's wardrobe. Today, browse our sewn-on letter sweatshirts, which make the perfect gift for big-little reveal or pick up one of our unique Alpha Delta Pi jackets to stay warm during chilly weather. Our designs are fantastic for any Alpha Delta Pi outdoor philanthropy event, or simply snuggling up on cold days at the chapter house! Layer your new jacket with your favorite accessories and head to class or out on the town. You're sure to stand out from the crowd! Grab the Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirt of your dreams today!

 Alpha Delta Pi Jackets for Warmth and Fashion

Customize our Alpha Delta Pi hoodies and jackets to be the perfect outerwear for any ADPi sister in your chapter with colors just as unique as any Alpha Delta Pi girl! Layer over a cute, plain top for the perfect outfit! Our customizable sweatshirts and jackets are perfect for any event, as an initiation gift for your little, or even just to update your wardrobe with some new ADPi fashion! Made from the highest-quality materials on the market, our wide selection of Jackets is the perfect solution to your style dilemma. Whether you're looking for a quarter-zip or a pullover, we've got everything you need to look good and feel great day in and day out. What's more, our jackets are made by working with ADPI girls over the years, so you can rest assured they'll be authentic and unique, which make them the perfect addition to any closet. 

Get Your Custom Hoodies Now

The college letter sweatshirt is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing out there. Get yours and take your style to the next level this year with a unique custom hoodie from Greek U. Designed to allow you to showcase your unique style without sacrificing your sorority pride, Greek U's Alpha Delta Pi sweat shirts are exactly what you need to stay cozy and look great while you're running from class to class or hitting the gym. Constructed from quality, cozy material and designed with discerning sorority sisters in mind, our Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirts are some of our most popular items!