college bucket list

Most people have bucket lists, but –

Have you ever considered making a college bucket list?

A list you make while in college or before you go –

And accomplish everything you want to do during your 4 years.

We have some great ideas of activities that should be on your list –

They include travel, arts, and more.

Check out our complete list of everything that should be on your college bucket list below!


1. Go On a Long Road Trip


college bucket list - road trip


Road trips are one of the best parts of being young.

Am I right?!

I highly recommend traveling up the California coast at some point in your college career.

The views are unbeatable, the weather is impeccable.


2. Do Something Nice for Someone


college bucket list


Have you ever paid it forward at Starbucks, and then felt so good for the rest of the day?

We suggest doing something like that at least once.

It feels good for you, it feels good for them, it’s a win-win.

Plus, if you start doing nice things for others, it becomes easier and easier to give back.

Giving back is SUCH a big part of being human.


3. Travel Outside the U.S.


travel - college bucket list


If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, DO IT!

Don’t be afraid of leaving your significant other or friends, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you WILL regret not taking advantage of.

It is the same cost as a normal semester (with certain programs) and it is such an amazing thing to experience.


4. Go Camping


go camping - college bucket list


There is nothing quite like taking a weekend to unplug from social media, responsibilities, and business.

Go and explore outside your little college bubble.

Going camping for a weekend helps you to recharge, connect with friends on a deeper level, and appreciate all that Mother Nature has provided.

If you live in California, take a weekend trip up to Big Sur or Yosemite, and take it all in.

Those are some of the most beautiful places to camp at!

Just make sure to book in advance because they fill up pretty quickly!



5. Do a Color Run/Run for Charity


charity run - college bucket list


Charity runs are so fun because you can sign up with friends as a team (or with your sorority) and run for a great cause.

Some charities even have dress-up runs, where you can wear costumes or other fun outfits.


6. Make a New Friend


make new friends - college bucket list


This may sound silly, but expanding your friend group is key in college!

You never know who will be your connection to finding a job after college or become a new BFF.

So talk to that new person in class or at that party!


7. Witness a Solar Eclipse


solar eclipse - college bucket list


Watching a solar eclipse is one of the coolest things –

And makes you really appreciate life!

Approximately once every 18 months solar eclipses can be seen somewhere in the U.S.


8. Send a Nice Text to an Old Friend


text - college bucket list


It’s the little things, right?

Your friends will really appreciate you reaching out-

And you never know when someone needs words of encouragement most!

Send a text here and there telling people how much you love and appreciate their friendship.

And it starts both of your days on a really good note!


9. Go Skydiving


skydiving - college bucket list


There is little in this world that makes you feel as alive as skydiving does.

It is the most amazing feeling that I recommend everyone do at least once.

You get on the ground after jumping out of the plane (!!!) and you literally cannot believe you just did something like that.

It is crazy, you guys.

This is one of the things most people have on their bucket lists, but what better time to do it than in college with your best friends?


10. DIY Something for Your Apt.


DIY - college bucket list


You can make a beautiful painting to hang in your living room, DIY some mason jars for your makeup brushes, or make some little pots for your succulents.

Whatever it is, it’ll make it that much cooler that you made it!

Your apartment or dorm room will have that crafty, personal touch.

And who knows, you may find out that you love crafting as a way to de-stress or unleash your creativity!


11. Attend a Movie Premiere


movie - college bucket list


In my college years, I went to see Twilight at midnight (I know, embarrassing) with a bunch of my sorority sisters and some fraternity guys (LOL).

It was so fun camping out a little before midnight and seeing the movie first.

Movies are almost always released on Fridays, so there will be a Thursday midnight showing.

People without Friday classes, you’re in luck!


12. Host a Game Night


game night - college bucket list


If you know how to play poker, more power to you (because I am totally clueless).

You can host a poker night with all your girlfriends, or have a traditional game night filled with Monopoly, Pictionary, and Charades-

You can also have a couples game night.

Put the cell phones away, and just have fun with each other.

No worries if it gets a little competitive, that’s part of the fun!


13. See a Broadway Play


broadway play - college bucket list


Instead of going to the usual movie, get tickets to a Broadway play!

These actors are so talented, and the plays are great.

Definitely something to put on your college bucket list!


14. Read the Book Before the Movie


book - college bucket list


If you hear a cool movie is coming out soon, go and buy the book first.

The books are almost always better than the movies, and you can compare the two once the film comes out.

And you may find that you love the book, and the movie helps it come to life!

It’s cool to be able to know what’s going to happen next, but anticipate some differences as well.


15. See a TED Talk Live


see a ted talk - college bucket list


This would be such a cool experience, don’t you think?!

TED Talks are always so inspiring.

It would amazing to see one live!

They put their talks on in lots of cities, so check if your city is hosting anytime soon.


That’s it for our college bucket list! What’s on yours? Let us know below!