college dorm ideas

It’s hard not to feel like you have NO room in your dorm, right?

I know I felt that way when I moved in.

I mean, you have a new person living with you, and you have to share this tiny space – including all of your stuff!

We’ve searched for the latest and greatest in dorm room hacks –

And college dorm ideas for saving space.

Read on to find out what they are!


Use Your Desk for Multiple Things


college dorm ideas

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The good thing about dorm desks is that they can be multiple use.

One of the ways you can transform your desk is into a bookshelf –

Stacking some shelves on top of it gives you so much more storage space.

You can store books, notebooks, picture frames, storage boxes, etc. to keep everything organized and in one place.

When it comes to the drawers in your desk, you should keep those organized as well.

Grab some different-sized plastic drawer organizers to keep your pens away from your paper clips, and your highlighters away from your sticky notes.

You get the picture.


Store (Pretty Much) Everything Under Your Bed

There are so many options for bed storage –

Wire boxes, pull-out drawers, plastic drawers, etc.

It all depends on how much space you have underneath your bed.

Some dorm beds are super high off the ground (so much so that you have to jump, lol) –

Making storing things under your bed that much easier.



Bedside Caddy


bedside caddy - college dorm ideas

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The beauty of the bedside caddy is that you never have to leave your bed.

That’s right –

You can keep pens, pencils, study tools, and even your laptop in the caddy that hangs off of your bed.

This convenient contraption has pouches of all sizes.

Watch Netflix, write in your journal, and do some homework on your bed, then store those items right in your bedframe.

So easy!


Shoe Organizer

A shoe organizer is such a life-saver!

Keep it underneath the hanging clothes in that tiny closet of yours.

You can even store multiple pairs of shoes in one nook, depending on how small the crevices are.

Another good use of your space is hanging a shoe organizer on the back of your dorm door!

You may have to share the door space with your roommate, though.

Having them in your closet is probably easier, since they are out of the way!


Add a Cute Cart


dorm cart - college dorm ideas

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Investing in a cute bar cart from IKEA will be one your greatest purchases.

But instead of keeping alcohol paraphernalia, keep your food, kitchen items, etc. on it.

Brilliant, I know!

This is a super good way to maximize your space, because you can keep it out of the way.

It has multiple levels, so you can either keep your food items there, or utilize it for more storage of your things.

Target or IKEA has cute carts in different colors.

You won’t regret this purchase!


Shower Caddy (Duh!)

Use a cute shower caddy to tote with you to and from the showers, but there’s a use for it that you wouldn’t even have guessed.

Hang a wire shower caddy on your dorm wall to keep things like notebooks, pens, post-its, etc. organized.

Use the hooks on the bottom for scissors and anything else you can hang.


shower caddy other use - college dorm ideas

Source: Society 19


Dorm hack.

If you’re using a regular shower caddy (which you should, because it’s one of the greatest inventions), store all of your toiletries in it.

There are hand-held ones, or ones that fold up into a little bag.

We recommend getting one that folds up into a bag, because:

A) that’s convenient AF

B) it has plastic pockets, so when everything gets wet, the water won’t get everywhere

C) you can fit so many things into it


Random Dorm Hacks

Make-your-own charging station: the most ingenious invention ever!


clips for charging station - college dorm ideas

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You can also put a shoebox on your desk, cut square-shaped holes in it, and put each of your charging cords through.

Another great way to keep your chargers organized!

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to store food.


college dorm ideas

Source: Society 19. Although we recommend keeping healthier snacks than this – yikes!


DIY the cutest mason jars –

And keep makeup brushes, pen/pencils, and other random things in them.


mason jars - college dorm ideas

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What other dorm hacks did you guys do in your rooms? Let us know in the comments!