7 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room on a College Budget

Today we’re gonna let you in on some tips and tricks for making your dorm room feel less like four walls, and more like home.  We are stocked with plenty of dorm decorating ideas!

In the blink of an eye, you’re a college freshman and it’s time for move-in day. You’re ready–or maybe not so ready–to take the college world by storm. There’s just one problem: dorm life.



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Now, this isn’t to say that living in the dorms is all bad.

In fact, in many regards, it can be one of the greatest parts of your college experience.

You get to meet a whole new crowd of people from all walks of life.

You get a taste of the independent college lifestyle, with the safety net of friends and resident advisors to help you out when the going gets tough.

But unfortunately, dorm life can be far from glamorous–unless you’re these girls.

If your dorm room is anything like mine was, it features splendid concrete walls, delightfully squeaky metal bunks, and a closet that probably wouldn’t even fit Barbie’s clothes.

Not to worry!

This is nothing that you–being your wonderful, creative self–can’t work with.

You’ll be able to make your dorm room feel like home with these tips!

Without further ado, Greek U‘s 7 favorite ways to decorate your dorm room while ballin’ on a budget.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (but only costs a couple bucks!)

Printing out pictures is one of the easiest, not to mention cheapest, ways to make your dorm room cozy and unique!

Order prints from a local drugstore or photo shop, and the possibilities for decorating are endless. (Pro tip: always search for a coupon before you order, there are always great offers going around!)

You can also use a photo printing app, called FreePrints.

It makes it super easy to print your favorite photos, and then they deliver them to your door!

Easy as pie.

Having printed photos is great to remind you of your favorite memories–you name it, you can print it!

There are tons of ways to decorate with photos.

Try stringing them along the wall using clothespins for an easy and adorable way to take up wall space.

This is an especially great dorm decorating idea because the photos are easily interchangeable, so you can put up pictures of all the new memories you make with your sorority sisters.

You can also try taping pictures up collage style, or in a cool shape, word, or design.

Check out some of our favorite photo decorations below:



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Let There Be Light!

Lights are another amazing way to bring comfort and warmth to your dorm room.

Try regular holiday lights for a simple option, which can be found for a couple bucks in the outdoor department of many stores.

There are plenty of cute string lights to spruce up those drab dorm walls from Urban Outfitters or Home Goods!

Home Goods is my happy place.

You’re sure to find the best dorm decorations for so cheap! (Think TJ Maxx but for the home)

If you want to amp up this simple option while keeping your costs down, try this adorable D-I-Y for cute lights made from ping pong balls!


dorm decorating ideas - lights

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Find Your Roots

We love the idea of keeping cute, low-maintenance plants in your dorm!

Try air plants or succulents, which only require misting or light watering every couple of days!

Home Depot is known for having super cheap succulent options in their gardening department.

This makes it easy for you to bring life to your dorm room without breaking the bank on fancy plants.


dorm decorating ideas succulents

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Tap That!

As in, tap-estry that! This is one of my absolute favorite dorm decorating ideas. Order a beautiful sorority tapestry for good vibes all around, especially when paired with the lights above!

Amazon has especially cheap tapestry options for any color scheme you could imagine. Or, deck out your dorm in the cutest greek gear around with Greek U’s adorable new greek tapestries!

dorm decorating ideas


dorm decorating ideas - tapestry


Dollar Store Digs

The hub for hidden gems, the dollar store is a great place to find cute decor and other sorority dorm essentials!

For example, this year I picked up an adorable white metal cup organizer to hold pens on my desk, a cute gold candle holder, and even a set of over the door hooks to maximize my storage space.

Whatever you need, you can find it here for pocket change.




Smell Good, Feel Good

Nobody wants to come home to a stinky dorm room, with lovely lingering odors of microwave food and laundry in need of completion.

Candles are prohibited in most dorm buildings (for good reason, nobody wants to be that kid who single-handedly burned down the dorms).

But, there are plenty of ways to keep your room smelling fresh without the risk of flame.

Try an electric wax warmer or a scent plug-in for an easy way to keep your dorm smelling great.

My favorite way to make my room smell great is with my oil diffuser!

I bought it off Amazon, and you can buy a pack of 6 essential oils to go with it.

It’s super easy to use (basically just add water) and it shuts off by itself when the oil has run out!

My favorite scents are Peppermint (helps with headaches), Lavender, and Eucalyptus!

It’s a natural way to keep your room smelling like a spa.


dorm decorating ideas - lamps

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Greek Goodies


Last but not least… quite possibly one of the very best dorm decorating ideas is greek merchandise galore!

While you might have to postpone these decorations until after recruitment, as a new member you’re likely to be showered in plenty of fun greek items.

Be warned–once you have a few things repping your letters, you’ll be sure to want more!

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out the Greek U shop for anything and everything you could possibly need to deck out your dorm and rep your new sisterhood.


dorm decorating ideas - throw pillows


We hope these tips and tricks help you deck out your dorm without breaking the bank, and that dorm life–while not always the most glamorous–treats you well!

Have a great rest of your week, from all of us here at Greek U!



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