Fanny Packs are Back - Top 5 Reasons You Need One

Fanny packs are back.

I repeat –

Fanny packs are back!

These neon fashion statements were popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

But now, fanny packs are back in style!

Here’s why you need to keep up with this trend and get one for yourself.

Reason #1: Color Options

They’re fun!

With many different colors and customization options to choose from, fanny packs are the perfect accessory.

Often coming in neon colors with fun designs on them, you can grab one for Greek week, bid day party, or recruitment.

Everyone will be wondering where you got it!


Image result for fanny packsImage result for fanny packs with greek letters

Reason #2: Less Frustration

Let me paint a picture for you –

Your lips are super chapped, and you know you have some lip balm in your purse.

You then proceed to spend the next 5 minutes searching through this “small” bag for the one item you need.

You find it after emptying the entire content of your bag, and you could have sworn you felt around with your hand every inch of that purse.

Girls know this VERY well.

I think it happens to me on a weekly basis.

It’s also super annoying to carry a purse around every day to keep our essentials on hand.



With a fanny pack, despite its size, it holds everything and you won’t have to look for your money, lip balm, sunglasses, etc. for several minutes.


Reason #3: Feel Free to Bust a Move

This is one of the best parts of the genius invention that is the fanny pack.

You don’t have to worry about losing it since it’s attached to you, but it still fits all of the essentials!

Many people carry fanny packs at outdoor music events and places where they are moving around a lot (like bid day!).

You can have a dance party and still keep your stuff on you.

No worries about stolen phones or money when you are busting some moves with your fanny pack on.

Lucky you.

Get your dance on, girl!



Reason #4: Customize, then Represent!

A really fun feature of the neon fanny pack is being able to customize it!

Even if you aren’t in a sorority or fraternity, you can make the fanny packs custom to your organization.

Super cool, right?

But if you are in Greek life –

You can rep your sorority/fraternity anywhere.

The built-in letters on fanny packs make it easy for everyone to know exactly what organization you are in while showing off your unique style.

Wear them to parties or the beach and you’ll show everyone how much you love your Greek organization!

Check out all of the fanny pack personalization options.


Sorority Heart Fanny PackSorority Neon Letter Fanny Pack

 Reason #5: The Celebs (like Kendall Jenner) Wear Them


Kendall Jenner wearing a fanny pack

Source: Google


High-end apparel companies like Gucci and Chanel have adopted this trend.

Even your favorite celebrities have been known to rock the fanny pack lately.

And if these celebrities, who are on the cutting edge of fashion, are wearing them, they must be back.

We’ve spotted Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Fergie rocking their designer fanny packs.

But of course, you can get them for an inexpensive price with customization, which in our opinion is the better option!


Rihanna wearing a fanny pack

Source: Google


Even Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted with a fanny pack on.

Or should I say –

Manny pack?!

I’ll stop now.

Here’s proof:


Leonardo DiCaprio fanny pack

Source: Google



I can’t make this stuff up, people.


If you want to get your own fun fanny pack, visit our Greek clothing site to see all of our design and color options!

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