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Game Day College Fashion | Be Trendy AF This Football Season

If you go to a big football school, you know that the game day college fashion is v important.

There are many options when it comes to dressing for the football games:

And also different options depending on the weather.

More students tend to go to the games at the beginning of the school year, unless you go to one of those schools where missing a game is a mortal sin.

So, the outfits are cuter:

Think crop tops, cheerleader skirts, DIY school tees, etc.

Certain schools have their primary game day attire.

For example, when you think USC, you know all the girls wear the cheerleader skirts and some sort of USC top.

Iowa; the fun black and yellow striped pants.

Read on to find out the best game day college fashion trends.


Game Day Graphic Tees


Source: Pinterest


This shirt and shirts like it come in handy for game day.

They are different than the typical game day outfits (jerseys, cheerleader skirts, etc.).


DIY College Tees


Source: Pinterest


Do-It-Yourself tees are all the rage right now.

There are these that you can lace yourself if you really want to get fancy with it, or you can simply cut an over-sized top to be shorter.

Or, do both!


Source: Pinterest


Cut strips in the bottom of the shirt to make a fun tee, or tie dye a drab college shirt to make it more fun for game day.

Or, make the school tee a halter top like this cutie.


Source: Pinterest


You can also cut out the neck of the shirt, leaving the seam, to make a cute cutout version.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to making a game day shirt!


Wear Your School’s Typical Garb


Certain schools have their typical attire when it comes to game day.

Of course, you have to wear your school’s colors, but there are specific traditions for game day.

Just like tailgating, other traditions for game day are upheld by everyone.


Source: Pinterest



Some schools that come to mind are:


Their black and yellow bumblebee-esque attire would stick out in anyone’s mind.

The most popular?

These black and yellow striped pants, shown above.

Other gals sport the white and yellow mini-skirt, but the black and yellow’s come in handy during the fall and winter months.

Another school?


I’ve been to a game day there (so fun) and all the ladies are rocking their cheerleader skirts and USC crop tops.

Since LA doesn’t get too cold during fall and winter, this is pretty much the standard attire for the whole season.

PSU students also sports all things Penn State.

The typical blue and white is dressed up with mini-skirts, crop tops, high socks, and Converse.



Source: Pinterest


In the colder weather, beanies, sweatshirts and some sort of pants are added to the ensembles.


Colder Weather Game Day Outfits


Source: Pinterest


Dress up your game day outfit this fall by wearing an over-sized sweater and boots.

Accessorize with face paint, college stickers on your face, or pins.

If you want to go the more casual route, you can wear an over-sized college sweatshirt, beanie, and leggings.

Or, simply add a beanie to a college tee with a jacket over it and you’re set!



Traditional Game Day College Fashion


Source: Pinterest


You can always go the traditional route and wear a jersey and shorts or jeans.

There are traditional jerseys, or jerseys with your sorority letters either sewn on or embroidered into the shirt!



Anything you wear for game day is going to be cute!

Just remember to dress it up or down according to the season, and rock your school’s colors like it’s your job!