preparing for college

It’s a very exciting time of year –



But if you’re a freshman in college, it’s kind of scary….


Leaving home for the first time, having to make all new friends, and not to mention the hard college classes.

But don’t worry!

Deep breaths – everything is going be fine.

Even though it’s intimidating –

We’ve got some amazing tips to prepare you for college.


Become an Efficient Packer

I am not kidding when I say that you will become the most efficient organizer and packer ever in college.


Because dorm rooms are small AF.

And I’m guessing you have a lot of stuff.

(Because you’re a girl, hello!)

You will also likely be moving your dorm things around for a while in college, because you don’t want to buy nicer things yet.

You should wait until you have a more permanent place to live (after college).



Try New Things


blank page - preparing for college


College is an amazing time full of new experiences that you’ve never had before.

Living on your own, having a job, meeting different sorts of people –

The list goes on.

Get used to getting yourself out of your comfort zone.

Sign up for an intramural sport, go to a club meeting, rush a sorority, etc.

Grab a few friends you just met and spend the day or weekend exploring your new city.

There are plenty of activities to try in college and new things to do!


Brush Up On Your Study Habits


preparing for college - planner


College classes are no joke, people.

If you don’t have good study habits or time management in place, you won’t succeed.

Especially because you have multiple classes happening at once –

You have to learn to prioritize your tasks and your time!

Good study habits include:

  • Turning off your phone while studying – or better yet, put it in the other room
  • Writing to-do lists for each day so you know what you have going on
  • Limiting as many distractions as possible
  • Study groups where you each teach each other one concept – this helps so much when learning a bunch of new concepts for a test!

There are many other things you can do to study efficiently, but it just depends on what works for you.


Get Cute Dorm Decor


preparing for college - dorm room

Source: Pinterest


The only way to dress up a drab dorm is through your decor!

And who doesn’t love a good Target shopping trip?

I know I do – I could live at Target and be a happy girl.

But we all know you’re ballin’ on a budget, so check out our dorm decorating ideas post.

And if you’ve already pledged a sorority –

Spruce up your dorm room with the cutest sorority home decor.


Text Your Future Roommate


friends roommates - preparing for college


This is the person you’ll be sharing a v small space with for the whole year –

Might as well make friends with her, right?

And who knows – you may become the best of friends!

Text/email her to find out what she likes to do, a little more about her, and your plans for who’s bringing what, etc.

If you’re really into it, you can even coordinate the color scheme of the room.

Getting to know your future roomie makes the experience so much more real!


Make the Most out of Freshman Activities

Don’t act “too cool” for the freshman or orientation activities!

This is your first chance to meet people in your class –

So make the most of it!

Go in with an open mind, and you won’t regret it.

You’ll come to find that your freshman class will feel small if you find your niche.

Going to the back-to-school activities definitely helps you find your group!


Research Clubs/Organizations on Campus


group club organization - preparing for college


Did you play a certain sport in high school?

There’s a club for that.

Like giving back to your community?

There’s organizations for that too!

If you’re interested in rushing a sorority, definitely do your research to see when recruitment registration is open.

There’s organizations on campus for almost everything –

That’s the beauty of college.


Know Your Professors’ Office Hours


office hours - preparing for college


This is too important.

Despite what you think about the workload of college classes, at one point or another you WILL need some help.

Enter –

Office hours.

This time period becomes so helpful when you’re getting overwhelmed with how much work you have due.

Your professor is there to help you –

And once you get to know them a bit during office hours, they are actually more inclined to give you a better grade (because they know you’re trying).



Do you have any other ways you’re preparing for college? Let us know in the comments!