simple workout exercises

Do you struggle with finding time to go the gym?

Or when you eventually get there, you have no idea what to do?

We’ve been there –

But luckily, there’s so many exercises you can do in your dorm room or apartment with no equipment necessary!

These are all exercises that will get you toned AF, too!

So, while you’re taking a break from your long study sesh, do some of these exercises.

They will give you a great workout, but don’t require a ton of time.



Abs & Arms Simple Workout Exercises


abs simple workout exercises


We’re all about a good ab workout.

Do this one in your dorm room or apartment with your roomies!


bodyweight exercises - simple workout exercises


These circuits are killer for your arms and abs!

They are super simple to do (not easy, though); all you need is a yoga mat!

Repeat each circuit twice, and your arms and abs will be on fire.


Leg Exercises


glutes workout - simple workout exercises


I wish I had done these in college!

Again, so simple, but so effective. You don’t need any equipment!

You can do these easy workout exercises in your room, or head to the gym and add weight to them.


leg simple workout exercises

Full Body Circuit


full body circuit - easy workout exercises


Circuits are every gym person’s thing they love to hate.

They are SO effective, but hard as hell when you’re in the moment.

My advice?

Grab a gym or workout buddy and do these circuits in your living room or in a room at the rec center.

I have grown to love circuits because they don’t take a ton of time.

You can get an amazing workout in only 30 minutes or less.


plank - easy workout exercises


Are you a fan of planks? (Are you crazy?!)

If you like planks, more power to you.

In my book, they’re equivalent to going to the dentist (which I don’t particularly like).


They get the job done.

If you can successfully do this workout without wanting to die, you deserve an award.

Gold star for you!


And Finally…Cardio


cardio easy workout exercises


Everyone’s favorite thing to do when working out:



Hey, at least this circuit doesn’t have burpees!


Let us know what you tried in the comments below!