spring trends on a budget

We know that looking cute on a budget can take a little more effort.

You have to shop around and compare the best deals, go to thrift stores, and do those extra steps to ensure you’re getting the bargain.

Luckily, trendy stores nowadays are lowering their prices so that you can get cute fashions that are within your budget.

We like how fashion is ever-changing, yet trends come full-circle and repeat themselves.

This spring season, fashion magazines are reporting a plethora of great trends.

We searched for the latest spring trends that you can find at the budget-friendly stores. Keep reading to find out what they are!




spring trends on a budget

Credit: ELLE


Not hair fringe –

Fringe on clothing!

The designer runways had lots of fringe this season –

Anything from full dresses made with fringe to fringe earrings.

Let’s take a look at where you can purchase this trend.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Zara


You can get this shirt with metal fringe from Zara for only $50.

Layer it with a jacket or leave it be on top of some dark denim.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Forever21


This adorable dress is from Forever 21 and is perfect for spring.

It would look great with some booties or boots for a casual school/work look, with a denim jacket over it.



This color is the epitome of spring for me.

I absolutely love pastel colors, don’t you?

Lavender colored the runways this season –

It’s one trend that I can stand behind.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Old Navy


You can get these cute sneakers from Old Navy for only $24!

What a steal, right?

Plus, they are the perfect shade of lavender.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Zara


This basic lavender tee from Zara would be great on a daily basis –

Wear it tucked into your fave pair of jeans, add your sneakers, throw on some sunnies and call it a day.

Amazing spring outfit, if you ask me.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Forever21


Lastly, this lavender halter dress is great for brunch with your sorority sisters on the weekend.

Breezy and light, it can be worn in chillier weather with layers, or by itself when it starts getting warm.

Buy it at Forever 21 here.



Dark denim hit the runways this spring, and is trying to let us know that denim on denim is okay.

It’s even more than okay –

It’s encouraged.

The key to the denim-on-denim look is having varying shades of denim.

This is where the dark look comes into play –


spring trends on a budget

Credit: H&M


Let’s begin with dark denim pants.

These ones from H&M are affordable, don’t look like your average jean, and look comfy AF.

Look at that bottom front hem detail!


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Mango


This adorable denim ruffle top from Mango doesn’t even look denim when you first look at it.

Perfect for tucking into a white skirt, like the model is wearing!

And –

It’s only $30!



This trend has been huge for the past 6 months, and doesn’t show any signs of going away.

I’ve noticed that these earrings look great on most people –

And they add an element of stylishness to any outfit.

Minimal effort for maximum style.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Forever21


I’m a big fan (no pun intended) of these fan-style tassel earrings.

They look especially great with curled hair and minimal makeup.

Make sure your colors don’t clash, because these earrings usually are a bright color.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: H&M


These earrings from H&M are the typical tassel style.

See what I mean about bright colors?

These would look amazing with a white spring dress.



You know the ones I’m talking about –

The sunnies that look kind of space-y, kind of cat-eye?

This style is taking over –

I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram, magazines, you name it.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Forever21


These ones from Forever 21 have that rimless look, and are a skinny cat-eye.

They look very X-Men to me.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Forever21


If you want more of a retro vibe, take a look at these from Forever 21.

These have a white rim and a very narrow shape.



Activewear was one of my favorite trends last year, and it’s here to stay.

This spring, the trend is updated with more jackets and more vintage sporty items.

Think 80’s or 90’s sporty looks.


spring trends on a budget

Credit: Net-A-Porter


This classic tee from Adidas is the ideal tee for this trend –

It’s updated with a gold foil design and can still be worn with your favorite jogger.


spring trends on a budget


To layer, grab an anorak jacket.

These jackets were sweeping the 2018 runway during fashion week.

There were bright colors and different styles.


What trends are you looking forward to this spring?

We love playing around with fashion and seeing how we can incorporate the latest trends into our wardrobes.

Make sure you tell us what some of your spring trends on a budget were –

We’d love to hear what steals and deals you got!