tips for keeping those resolutions

With the new year underway, we bet you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions.

Unfortunately, those resolutions get a bad rap.


Because mostly everyone can’t keep a resolution to save their lives.

The first two weeks of the year are all gung-ho on those goals, and then people sort of fall off the wagon.

So why is this?

Is it even possible to keep a resolution in this day and age?

Our answer:

Of course!

You just need to be in the right mindset and set yourself up for success.

Here are 7 of our best tips to help you crush those goals this year, whether they are personal or academic.



tips for keeping those resolutions


If you take anything away from this post, let it be this:

You can’t just set a goal without any plans to back it up or execute.

There needs to be an organized plan to help you through the year.

Otherwise, it’ll be too easy for you to stray from the path.

So –

We suggest starting with time blocking.

Time blocking simply means:

Focusing on one particular task for a certain amount of time.

Put your phone away (more on this in a minute), eliminate all distractions, and just work on one task.

Organizing goes further than just time blocking.

Organizing your time means making this goal your one priority.

Whenever you have free time, work on the goal and stick to your plan.


2. Phone Away, No Notifications


tips for keeping those resolutions


In this day and age, we can get so sucked into our phones.

I mean, there is so much to do on this little device!

Games, social media, talking to our friends, you name it.

If you’re really trying to focus on an academic or career goal, the phone needs to be put away and/or ALL notifications turned off.

Say your New Year’s resolution is to get that dream internship.

You’ll want to be applying to internships, working on your resume, and working as hard as you can in school to land it. Plus prepping for interviews when that time comes.

You should let nothing stand in the way of that, especially not social media.

Put your phone on do not disturb and out of reach when you are working on those applications.


3. Plan Out Your Week Ahead of Time

If you have a calendar app on your iPhone (c’mon now, I know everyone does), you can schedule out your week ahead of time so that you know when you will be working towards your goal.

This goes hand-in-hand with carving out time each week to work on the goal.

If you can schedule it in every day (even if it’s just for 30 mins), even better.

Planning out the week makes it so much easier, because you have already decided when you will be working on the resolution.

It will be harder to break appointments with yourself since you have already mapped out the week.


4. Don’t Multitask

If your resolution is business/academic related, this is super important.

Multitasking, no matter how good you think you are at it, is way less productive than working on one task alone.

Your brain physically cannot multitask.

It’s also good practice to learn how to focus on one thing at a time.

Train your brain to do that, and you’ll be set up for success for the rest of your life!

It’s good to ignore the many distractions we have in our daily lives.


5. Get an Accountability Buddy


tips for keeping those resolutions


If your goal is to get healthier, find someone else who has the same goal.

Maybe it’s one of your sisters, maybe it’s your boyfriend.

It will make the goal easier to achieve when you have someone to go to the gym with, to meal prep with, or to get you back on track when you’ve fallen off a bit.

This is one of the best tips on crushing your resolutions, because it’s way harder to stray from the course when you have someone cheering you on.


6. Take Some Time Off


tips for keeping those resolutions


We aren’t suggesting to work so hard all the time on your goal that you get burnt out.

In fact, we are saying the opposite.

Being organized and planning out the logistics of your goals actually wastes less of your time than if you were unorganized.

This means, more time off!

You shouldn’t have to work hard 24/7 to achieve your goals.

Taking some time off, even a day or two a week, increases your chances of success.

By resetting your brain and practicing self care, your make more room for inspiration and new ideas.

Thus, making those goals easier to accomplish.

Plus, you won’t resent the task at hand.


7. Find Something to Get You Inspired

This goes hand-in-hand with taking time off.

Whether it be taking a vacation, just going for a daily walk outside, or whatever it may be, the creative part of your brain starts to re-surface.

When you get burnt out of your goal or uninspired, which you most definitely will, remember all the ways that you can get inspired again.

It’s different for everyone –

For us, we love getting outside in the fresh air.

And reading other blogs that inspire us to gain a new perspective on things.


All these are ways to help you achieve your goals in 2018!

Do you have another way that you set yourself up for success?

Tell us!


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